Cory Booker Patrols Newark, Responds To Tweets Asking For Help During Hurricane Sandy

Cory Booker took a hands-on approach to helping residents of Newark during Hurricane Sandy, responding to tweets from residents in need of his help and driving around in a sort of emergency station on wheels.

The mayor of Newark, hit hard by Hurricane Sandy, Cory Booker took to the streets last night in an SUV filled with diapers, water, and other supplies for stranded residents, CNET reported.

Along the way he stopped to help citizens in distress, coordinate crews to transport homeless people to shelters, and personally enforce the city’s curfew. Newark was one of many cities in New Jersey to experience significant power outages and flooding as Hurricane Sandy moved ashore on Tuesday.

The Garden State caught the brunt of the storm, with Atlantic City underwater even before the full force of the hurricane struck.

Throughout the entire ordeal, Cory Booker was corresponding with residents via his Twitter page and posting updates about where and what he was doing.

Cory Booker has been known to use Twitter to help people in need in the past. This summer he helped a pedestrian who was hit by a car, then posted the update on his Twitter feed. He also made headlines in April when he rushed into a burning building to save a woman’s life.