Donald Trump Urged To Donate $5 Million To Hurricane Sandy Relief

Donald Trump pledged to give $5 million to the charity of Barack Obama’s choosing if the president coughs up school transcripts, visas, and a number of other documents that Trump thinks will prove Obama is not American, or something to that effect.

But using the hashtag #ThanksDonald, Twitter users have a different idea for Trump — donate the money anyway. The users have started a movement calling on Donald Trump to donate $5 million to relief efforts for Hurricane Sandy.

The Donald Trump donation movement is a way to shame Trump into donating the money, The Huffington Post noted. As the report noted, it’s partly a way of speaking out against Trump and his borderline-obsessive quest to find out something nefarious about the president and partly to bring some much-needed funds to help victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Donald Trump has actually extended his $5 million deadline to President Obama, giving him now until Thursday to cough up the documentation. With the $5 million bet in the news longer, the movement hopes it can generate more momentum to its cause.

The Donald Trump donation movement has some celebrities aboard, including VH1’s Kate Spencer, who tweeted:


Donald Trump’s attempt to produce an “October surprise” for the 2012 election has been met mostly with ridicule. After announcing last week that he had a bombshell to drop against President Obama, rumors began to fly that it was about Obama selling cocaine in college or Michelle Obama filing for divorce.

When the time for the announcement came and it turned out that Donald Trump had nothing of substance to report, it was seen mostly as a publicity stunt to get more attention. But the #ThanksDonald movement now aims to make it something much more.