The Best Last-Minute Gifts For Men: Perfect Presents You Can Still Get In Time For Christmas

With only a few days left until Christmas, it’s too late to order gifts online or find some of those must-have presents — but there’s still plenty of time to purchase last-minute holiday gifts that he’s sure to love. Here are some perfect presents for men that you still can have under the tree by Christmas.

First off, consider treating him with his favorite spirits. Stop by your local liquor store (some are even open on Christmas Day) to pick up a really nice bottle of whiskey and perhaps even some whiskey stones, for instance. If he’s a beer lover, get an assortment of locally brewed craft beers or even a kit to start making his own. Alternatively, go sentimental, and buy a bottle of the wine you drank on your first date, or another drink that holds special significance.


As Cosmopolitan points out, it’s hard to go wrong with giving a gift of alcohol to most guys.

“Is it the most personal gift in the world? No. Is it hard to be mad about receiving quality booze? Yes, very.”

Subscription services are another great last-minute gift idea. These monthly delivery services deliver everything from LootCrate, designed for “the geeks, gamers, and pop culture fans in your life,” that ships an assortment of items such as collectables, T-shirts, and toys, every month for a fee, to BarkBox, that sends a surprise selection of “all natural treats and super fun toys” for his furry best friend.


There are subscription services that specialize in almost any interest you can think of, from services that will ship him meals, razors, monthly boxes of gadgets, foreign candy and snacks, books, records and more.

Tickets are another great option for last-minute gifts. You can purchase sports tickets, concert tickets, or even season passes to go and root for his favorite team.

Likewise, memberships make great last-minute gifts for men. Tailor the membership to his interests, such as a gym membership if he’s anxious to start working out or museum memberships if he loves science or the arts.


Memberships to clubs and charities are also great gifts.

The Mirror also points out that online courses can be great last-minute gifts for guys. There are fantastic courses for everything from photography to growing your business to fly fishing on sites like Udemy. They recommend keeping an eye out for discount vouchers, as there are generally lots to be found.

Donations can also make great gifts. If you know of a cause that’s very important to him, give a gift in his name to a charity that does a good job in helping the issue.


This is a great way to do something great for that man who seems to already have everything he wants, too.

Food can also be a great last-minute gift for guys. If he loves to cook, consider making up a basket of great gourmet ingredients for him to add to his pantry — anything from specialty salts to truffle oil to top-of-the-line cooking sherry. You can also assemble an assortment of great new tastes for the foodie in your life, such as gourmet mustards, salsas, hot sauces and spices. Dinner out (or in) can also make a great gift, as can gift certificates to favorite local restaurants.

For the special man in your life, a personalized book of coupons just for him can also make a wonderful romantic last-minute gift. Print out 10 or 20 promises for anything from back rubs to date nights to strip teases and present them privately for him to redeem throughout the year.

No matter what you choose, just be sure to keep him in mind. Tailor your last-minute gift to his personality and interests, and you’re sure to pick a great gift.

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