Troy Ave Sex Tape: Rapper Says He Won’t Pay $20,000 Extortion, Doesn’t Care If His Explicit Video Hits The Internet

Troy Ave is embroiled in sex tape scandal, and the Harlem rapper claims that someone is trying to extort him for $20,000. Troy has made it clear that he won’t pay a penny of it.

The drama started with a social media post made by Troy Ave himself showing an exchange with an unnamed person threatening to release the video. In the Instagram post, Troy explained that the sex tape was intended to be used for a music video in an edited form, and he doesn’t care if the real sex tape gets released.

As the site HotNewHipHop noted, Troy Ave struck a defiant chord over his sex tape extortion.

“Troy said he made the tape to use for a music video — with the X-rated parts edited of course. He invites the highway robber to release the sex tape saying, ‘it ain’t like I’m doing some freaky R. Kelly s**t all me and my fans care about us my freedom.’ The rapper’s still going to release his music video.”

There was some doubt among fans as to whether Troy Ave really had a sex tape extortion or if the entire incident could have been contrived to give his career a well-timed boost. The Harlem rapper has a new album coming out on Friday called White Christmas 4, and the sex tape incident appeared to be timed perfectly to draw attention to the rapper.

The AllHipHopRumors website raised that possibility, noting that the timing of the sex tape threat seemed a bit odd.

“Could this be a joke or a PR stunt? I don’t know, but it sure is weird. The video doesn’t really show anything, thank god! I don’t think Troy Ave has any money! I am sure he’s strapped because of lawyer fees and the cost of living in New York City! Brooklyn is all gentrified with White folk running up the rent prices!”

And as Troy Ave was airing his sex tape scandal, he has also been doing the publicity circuit to promote his latest album.

Troy Ave’s sex tape drama has played out at the same time as another story of a high-profile rapper being extorted with an explicit video. Reports emerged this week about Kanye West’s sex tape, which he apparently paid $250,000 to keep from hitting the internet.

Kanye’s cousin, Lawrence Franklin, said in an interview this week that Kanye ended up paying the sum to another cousin who got his hands on a video with West and an unnamed woman (the sex tape reportedly was filmed before he was married to Kim Kardashian and before he dated Amber Rose).

Franklin said the cousin showed the sex tape to other members of the family, and ultimately arranged for Kanye to pay $250,000 for the laptop that held the video.

“The sex tape episode started his decline — he stopped trusting people,” Franklin said (via the the Daily Mail). “At the end of the day if a member of your family had taken you for a quarter of a million dollars — so they can complete their own ambitions — who can you trust within your circle?”

Fans of Kanye West might be familiar with the incident. He turned the sex tape drama into motivation for his music, Complex noted. On his song “Real Friends” from the album The Life of Pablo, Kanye rapped, “I had a cousin that stole my laptop that I was f***in’ b****es on/Paid that n***a 250 thousand just to get it from him.”

Kanye West was able to keep his explicit video from leaking to the internet, and it appears that Troy Ave has kept his sex tape under wraps as well. HotNewHipHop noted that no footage from the explicit video has hit the internet.

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