WWE News: ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin Talks Coming Back To WWE For One More Match, Compares It To Goldberg’s Return

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin has not stepped into a wrestling ring to perform in an actual match in more than a decade. Yes, he has done some work for WWE here and there while also making promotional appearances, but fans have had to go without seeing him wrestle for a long time. With Sting appearing in WWE, and Bill Goldberg making his comeback, is it time for “The Rattlesnake” to return as well?

Bill Goldberg made his comeback to WWE after more than a decade, and now he is continuing on with one more title run in him. It happens from time-to-time, and even The Rock has taken time away from making films to return to the ring.

So many people have wondered if the glass would ever break, and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin would hit the ring to take care of business. Speculation has run wild for years, and Austin himself has even said that he’s in the best shape of his life, but will he wrestle again?

wwe news stone cold steve austin return one more match comeback goldberg
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The most recent episode of “The Steve Austin Show – Unleashed” had the host doing a Q&A session which had all kinds of questions come his way. Austin talked about a number of things, including a possible mandatory month-long break for talent and Earl Hebner being in the WWE Hall of Fame.

From there, the conversation turned to Austin and if he would ever have another match in WWE or any wrestling ring at all. Much to the disappointment of wrestling fans around the world, his response was not one that anyone ever wanted to hear.

“I’m 52, and I get these emails all the time asking why I don’t come back. They’ll say…so and so did it. Goldberg did it, and you know what, I’m happy for all my friends that are making comebacks. Bill [Goldberg] going in and beating Brock Lesnar was awesome…setting it up for Wrestlemania 33 in Orlando, but I’m not making no comeback. I had someone cuss me out on the email the other day saying that they hated my guts because I wouldn’t do it a comeback, but listen…I’m done.”

As ComicBook.com pointed out, Austin is more than content with being a wrestling legend, and he is proud of the legacy he is leaving for everyone to enjoy. If anyone is ever going to see Steve Austin wrestle again, it will have to be from the countless hours of footage there is of him in different promotions, including all the work he did for WWE.

Actually, it isn’t even that Austin has any real issues with wrestling other than he simply doesn’t want to have another match. He just isn’t prepared to have that kind of stress on his shoulders and go through what is needed to go through for a match that may end up tarnishing things.

“I road off into the sunset in 2003, whenever it was, after Wrestlemania 19; came back for a couple of appearances, but I’m done, and I’m happy being done, and I don’t want the pressure of having another match on my shoulders, because I don’t have to have another match because I’m satisfied with the career that I had. I appreciate everyone that had supported my career. Pro Wrestling has springboarded every endeavor that I am involved in right now, and I love the business, and the WWE and all the organizations that I work for, but man…I’m done!”

That is when Austin had his true last match, and it was against The Rock at WrestleMania XIX, where he lost by pinfall. Injuries and a bunch other things led to him stepping away from the ring and almost away from the business entirely.

Since then, the rumors ran wild that Austin would be back, and last year, they picked up a lot of steam. Everyone thought that he was going to get back in the ring for WWE and take on Brock Lesnar, but it was never more than a little bickering on a podcast.

wwe news stone cold steve austin return one more match comeback goldberg
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One of the greatest superstars in wrestling history is officially retired, and he simply won’t be back in the ring for WWE or anyone. Sure, he may make some appearances here and there, but his time as an active wrestler is done. Austin has had his last match in any ring.

For those who have never seen “Stone Cold” Steve Austin wrestle live in the ring, you missed out on a true legend and one that has thousands of matches to watch on tape. Bill Goldberg made his return after more than 12 years away from the ring and WWE. Sting finally made his WWE debut, even though it was very short-lived. As for Austin? He may make some more appearances in his life, but he said he would never wrestle another match, and Stone Cold is known for keeping his word.

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