Indiana Mother Sascha Collins Charged After Allegedly Beating Young Sons For Opening Christmas Presents Early

Sascha Collins, a 36-year-old Indiana mother, is in trouble with the law for allegedly beating her two young sons just days before Christmas. The boys’ crime? According to police, Sascha Collins was punishing the 7 and 9-year-old boys because they opened their Christmas gifts before the big day.

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The brothers reportedly told investigators that the presents had been hidden in their mother’s closet when they tracked them down and opened them.

As Fox 13 Now reports, Indiana mother Sascha Collins was reported to police by her teenage daughter. The girl allegedly came home on December 18 to find her young brothers beaten and crying. Police say that the 7- and 9-year-old had been beaten so severely by their mother that they had visible markings on their bodies. Their older sister was so distraught by her brothers’ treatment and condition that she took the step of reaching out for help.

Neighbors of the Indiana mother and her children are shocked and appalled by the beating Sascha Collins allegedly meted out to the little boys, particularly because hunting for Christmas gifts is simply “what kids do.” According to Buffy Lutz, her own child is nearly an adult and still doing the same thing.

“So they’re all excited about gifts, they’re want to go through and open things. My 16-year-old is still trying to do that.”

Lutz went on to describe her sadness for what the children of Sascha Collins allegedly had to endure at the hands of their irate mother.

“Wondering what was going through the kids’ heads and that no one was there to help them, that’s sad.”

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According to the Hancock County Prosecutor, Sascha Collins’ teenage child was brave for doing what she knew was right when she saw her brothers’ condition, even though she knew that it could cause problems for the Indiana mother and even for herself.

On Sunday morning, the boys’ teenage sister came home to her brothers crying and saw markings on their bodies. She’s the one that went to an adult for help.

“She was put in an incredibly difficult situation. There’s a lot of adults put in that same situation maybe they don’t want to say something, they don’t want to rock the boat. She put somebody else’s interests in front of her own and she did what was right.”

To make the situation worse, according to the boys’ teenage sister, her mother had been drinking the night before the boys were beaten. The teenager even alleges that her mother had snorted a hydrocodone pill that same night.

When the teenager discovered her beaten and crying little brothers, she claims that she also found Indiana mother Sascha Collins angrily stomping through the house. Reportedly, Collins was calling her sons “ungrateful” and “the worst kids ever” after beating them.

The prosecutor in the case says that Sascha Collins had apparently just “come to” when she discovered that her children had opened their hidden Christmas gifts.

“When mother came to and came alert it was apparent that not only the children had been into the gifts and maybe they had opened some of the gifts. They had done what children do on Christmas morning; perhaps things may have been a bit messy.”

After discovering the mess and the opened Christmas gifts, Collins beat the boys for their transgressions. Investigators claim that the Indiana mom admitted that she’d done it during a police interview, telling law enforcement officers that there was “no excuse for it.” Reportedly, she used a belt and belt buckle during the beating, even throwing one of the boys into a wall. Collins further claimed that she “didn’t remember everything” that happened while she was punishing the children.

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Following the pre-Christmas beating, one of the allegedly abused boys told police that he fled his mother and hid in the corner of his bedroom. Later, he picked up the Christmas presents that he and his brother had opened early and put them back where they’d found them.

CBS Local reports that Sascha Collins told investigators that her boys are “out of control” and “disrespectful.” The Indiana mother added that while she loves her kids, she “just lost it” when she discovered the opened Christmas gifts.

Ultimately, Collins is facing two counts of felony battery for the holiday beating her boys allegedly endured. (One count is enhanced because the victim was reportedly a “handicapped child.”) If she is convicted and receives the maximum sentence, the Indiana mother could spend the next 12 years incarcerated.

While the boys reportedly suffered visible injuries during the beating, investigators say that neither required medical treatment. The Indiana Department of Child Services has also reportedly become involved in the battery incident allegedly perpetrated by mother Sascha Collins against her sons.

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