WWE News: Kurt Angle Talks Returning To WWE Along With Dream Match And Rematch He Wants To Have

At the beginning of 2016, it was revealed that Kurt Angle would step away from TNA Impact Wrestling, but not away from the ring entirely. He has been wrestling on the independent circuit a good bit, and now it appears he’s ready to get back to the big leagues. While some thought that Angle’s relationship with TNA was pretty good, it appears as if he may finally have a door open for a return to WWE and there are some dream matches on his mind.

When 2015 was coming to a close, Kurt Angle told the world that he was taking a break from professional wrestling. He didn’t step out of the ring entirely, though, and has had matches with Rey Mysterio, Cody Rhodes, and a number of others.

Now, the time is coming when he may end up back in a major promotion, and it is looking more and more like a reunion with WWE is in the cards.

wwe news kurt angle return dream match rematch brock lesnar seth rollins
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Kurt Angle recently participated in a Q&A session on his official page on Facebook, and he revealed some very interesting information. First of all, he was asked if there is any match in his career that he would like to do it over again. His response is likely the same as a lot of the fans out there.

“Again…? [Brock] Lesnar at Mania. Except…I’d like to be healthy this time.”

The match he is referring to is the WWE Championship match that headlined WrestleMania XIX back in 2003. This was a great match that many distinctly remember for the Shooting Star Press performed by Lesnar that saw him land directly on his head, but it still was one for the ages.

Angle has been wrestling at independent events over the past year, and he said he would like to wrestle former WWE star Ryback if given the chance. He believes he “may be done wrestling at Indies” after he takes on Cody Rhodes for a third time in March of 2017.

It isn’t really known if Angle is going to ever end up back in WWE, but it seems more likely now than it has in the last decade. Back in August, he spoke with Title Match Wrestling about returning to WWE and said how he would have liked to wrestle Daniel Bryan one day. With that unlikely to ever happen, he did name-drop another current star he would like to wrestle upon a return.

wwe news kurt angle return dream match rematch brock lesnar seth rollins
[Image by WWE]

Seth Rollins is obviously one of the best in the business, and Angle even referred to him as “the guy that raises expectations” and “one of the best in the world.” This is not just a dream match for Kurt Angle but the battle that so many fans around the globe would love to see.

Kurt Angle also name-dropped Roman Reigns, Rusev, and Kevin Owens when speaking about possible superstars he would like to wrestle in WWE, but Rollins tops his list.

During his run in WWE, Angle had made a true name for himself, and it shows in his title history.

  • World Heavyweight – 1
  • WCW – 1
  • United States – 1
  • WWE/WWF – 4
  • European – 1
  • Intercontinental – 1
  • Hardcore – 1
  • Tag Team with Chris Benoit – 1

It is very possible that Kurt Angle could have one more WWE run in him, and he has shown that he’s in good health, and ready for a comeback. Sting finally made his first-ever showing in WWE and Bill Goldberg is now going through “one more run” that he said he has in him.

Kurt Angle is currently a man without a contract, but he’s also a wrestler who has good connections and relationships with a number of wrestling promotions. While he could end up returning to TNA Impact Wrestling, it is no secret that he has long wished to head back to WWE. It seems that possibility is closer than ever to happening, and it could lead to a huge rematch with Brock Lesnar and a dream match against Seth Rollins.

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