Kailyn Lowry Seeking Attention During The Holidays? Talks About Her Love Languages

Kailyn Lowry has revealed that her divorce from Javi Marroquin has been finalized after a judge signed off on their paperwork. After Javi returned home from serving in the Air Force overseas, he signed the divorce papers, and the two waited months for the judge to affix his final signature. Lowry is now a legally single woman who is taking care of her two sons.

Over the past couple of days, she’s been tweeting some vague things online, and it sounds like she’s not too happy with her ex-husband, Javi. Or maybe she’s talking about a new man in her life.

According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry revealed that she’s focusing on love this Christmas, and she’s putting plenty of thought into her sons’ Christmas gifts. Lowry claims that her love language is to give, including services and gifts. It is interesting that she’s talking about giving gifts as a sign of love, as she recently revealed that she was planning on giving her sons shoes for Christmas.

“I may put too much thought into gifts for my people but then again my love languages are acts of service & gifts so,” Kailyn Lowry revealed on Twitter as she was gearing up for the holidays, to which people had interesting responses.

“If you’re not allowed to put a lot of thought into gifts, they become pointless #GiftsThatMatter,” one person replied to Kailyn Lowry, while another person added in support, “That says alot about what a wonderful person you are & the lengths you will go to for your GOOD friends!”

But her Christmas spirit on Twitter was quickly replaced with a series of vague tweets. Of course, her ex-husband Marroquin has already moved on with another woman, and he appears to be very happy with how everything has played out for him. While he didn’t want a divorce, it sounds like he was able to pick himself back up and get back into the dating game. And while he may not be tweeting anything but happy messages these days, Kailyn Lowry is continuing with her vague tweets.

“Could’ve just showed up & said everything would be fine,” Kailyn Lowry later tweeted, sharing yet another vague tweet about her feelings and possibly her relationships, to which people wrote various things, including, “I don’t get who you are always tweeting to. Just say what you want to say directly to the person. Seems so attention seeking,” and “I don’t get it either. Why be cryptic? Just say what you gotta say to the person IN person.”


Rather than address these vague tweets and listen to her followers, she wrote another vague tweet about someone who felt she was writing about her. And it sounds like she has no problem confusing fans and leaving people under the impression that her vague tweets are indeed about her ex-husband or someone new in her life.

“My tweet wasn’t about you, but if the shoe fits…,” Kailyn Lowry later tweeted, to which one person was very direct in the reply, writing, “Kail you’re a mom of two don’t you think it’s time to stop this juvenile behavior?”

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry’s vague tweets? Do you think she’s trying to get Javi’s attention or do you think she may have a new man in her life? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]