Brad Pitt Spends His Birthday With ‘Old Friends,’ Eldest Sons Refusing To See Star?

Brad Pitt just celebrated his 53rd birthday, and the big question was who did the notable actor spend his big day with? As the world now knows, Pitt is enduring a dramatic custody battle and divorce proceedings with estranged wife Angelina Jolie, who filed for divorce on September 19. Jolie stated her reasons for filing were purely in the best interest of their six children.

Since then, Jolie has sought full physical custody of the former A-list couple’s six children; Maddox, 15, Pax, 13, Zahara, 11, Shiloh, 10, and eight-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne. It has been a tormenting few months for Pitt, who not only had to fight for chances to see his family, but he was also the subject of an FBI investigation based on an incident on a private jet during which Pitt allegedly lunged at son Maddox. Brad has been cleared of any abuse claims, yet the custody battle ensues.

The latest news regarding Brad’s ability to see his children involves whether he will be able to see them on Christmas. Recent reports indicate that Pitt will be allowed four hours with his children on Christmas morning for the purpose of giving out gifts and interacting. In order for Brad to continue to see his children on a somewhat regular basis, he is expected to receive drug and alcohol testing four times monthly.

Since he is unable to have the freedom with his children he would like, who did Brad spend his birthday with? Sources state that the Troy actor enjoyed dinner with “old friends.”

Eye Witness notes the words of the insider.

“Brad Pitt spent his birthday enjoying a mellow dinner in with a few close, old friends. Brad has been working hard on maintaining a low-profile and his plan is to stay out of the spotlight until his divorce and custody issues are finalised. He was not interested in celebrating his birthday out at any hot restaurants.”

Although Brad likely did not have a lengthy time with them, it is still believed that the star was able to visit his brood on his birthday.

“Brad will not be doing anything that will interfere with his custody battle and does not want it to look like he is busy dating or partying. His primary focus right now is working on himself and working on rebuilding his relationship with his kids.”

Early on in the month, it had been reported that Brad’s eldest sons, Maddox and Pax were refusing to see him. As noted, Maddox, 15, was allegedly on the receiving end of Pitt’s anger during the private jet incident back in September.

In new developments over the past weeks, Brad had requested that the judge overseeing the divorce seal the documents of the court battle. The judge rejected Brad’s request to hold the emergency hearing for the purpose of sealing the documents. However, a source relays more details about the request that may indicate the documents will be sealed after all.

A source said, “The judge only denied the request for an emergency hearing and not the actual motion requesting that the case be sealed.”

A hearing is now reportedly scheduled to be held on January 1, 2017. Earlier in the year, the former couple had agreed to attend family therapy session as a part of a temporary custody agreement. As noted, Jolie is seeking full physical custody, and although both stars stated they only have the best interest of their children in mind, the custody battle has become messy.Angelina had reportedly rejected Brad’s request to seal the documents initially due to his legal team having not discussed the matter with her team prior to taking it to the courts.

Brad has now requested that his children’s records within the documents be sealed by the court, as NBC recently reported.

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