Matthew Lasner’s Deleted Twitter: ‘Ivanka And Jared At JFK T5. My Husband Chasing Them Down To Harass Them’

Ivanka Trump was reportedly harassed onboard a JetBlue flight on Thursday morning, as reported by the Inquisitr. Now more information is leaking about who may have done the yelling at Ivanka — or at least information about the man’s husband, as published on social media that same morning. Matthew Lasner ‏may have deleted his tweets that appeared on Twitter @mattlasner hours ago, but at this moment, they live on in Google Cache history — and in screenshots, as seen below.

Matthew tweeted that Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner had arrived at John F. Kennedy International Airport, and were in Terminal No. 5 when Matthew’s husband spotted the duo. Lasner tweeted that Matthew’s husband was chasing down Ivanka and Jared to harass them. Matthew included the hashtag #banalityofevil in his now-viral and deleted tweet.

Matthew is getting plenty of attention for his tweet, with folks replying to Matthew’s most recent tweet to express how they feel about Lasner’s words and his husband’s alleged actions.

According to the Daily Mail, Dan Goldstein is Matthew’s husband — the man who was reportedly the JetBlue passenger who yelled at Ivanka for being on the JetBlue flight and not flying a private plane to Palm Beach, Florida. Ivanka reportedly distracted her children with crayons as Goldstein yelled about President-elect Trump ruining the country. The publication notes that Lasner has tweeted varying comments about the incident — on the one hand claiming that Dan made his feelings known about Ivanka clear in a calm manner — but that statement seemed to be nullified and contrary to Lasner’s earlier tweet about Goldstein chasing down Ivanka and Jared to harass them.

“My husband expressed his displeasure in a calm tone, JetBlue staff overheard, and they kicked us off.”

A professor at , Lasner is receiving plenty of feedback about his earlier tweets.

As seen in the top photo above, Jared and Ivanka walked through the lobby of Trump Tower on Friday, November 18 in New York. But it was Thursday, December 22, when Ivanka made news for withstanding Goldstein’s alleged rant — a move that has brought comments like the following to Matt’s Twitter page. Most of the comments talk about the incident as a shocking one that should get the duo fired for going after Ivanka and her children. There are plenty of politically-heated comments about liberals being published to Lasner’s Twitter account. It seems only a matter of time before Matthew might delete his Twitter altogether due to the controversy.

Update: Lasner has deleted his Twitter account.

: “Matt Lasner, liberals cry about peace and love but yet they are the ones who do the most bullying.”

Rich Algeni: “Matt Lasner, Why are you deleting tweets showing your intolerance?”

Rich Algeni, Jr.: “This moron has a PhD?!? In what? Harassment?”

: “Lol that’s ridiculous, protest Trump if you want but not his family.”

: “Weird Matthew harassed Ivanka and kids. Shameful! Not so tolerant of others. Apologize!”

: “What happen to your tweet bragging your husband harassed and screamed at a woman with her young children, while holding a baby? Irrational and abusive behavior, I fear for the child they’re raising. Child services should investigate!”

: “ICYMI Matt’s husband chases down women and children to harass them.”

Matt Ri: “You sir are the deplorable one… harassing another human being is never ok!!!”

“Merry Christmas, Matt. Stop harassing people.”

: “Deleting a tweet of yourself accosting a mother and her children because you don’t like her politics says everything about you.”

: “Dan Goldstein and his husband attack Ivanka Trump! Says it all,pair of total cranks who just about sum up the modern Democrats.”

[Featured Image by Richard Drew/AP Images]