Onavo Count App For iOS Finds Your Data Hungry Apps. No More Nom Nom For Naughty Apps

Have you noticed that your Apple iOS smartphone or tablet is running slower than normal? Or perhaps that your paying more for monthly data use? There’s a good chance that slowdowns on your system are being caused by data hungry apps that are eating up your system resources and causing mobile data leaks. Sometimes that usage even occurs when the apps on your smartphone are not even being directly used. That’s why Onavo Count is such an important option for data hungry iPhone and iPad users.

Just debuted in the app store the program checks system resources and then in a simple to read display shows graphs and lists that point out which apps are using up all your memory.

The app is free to download from the Apple App Store and provides users with a 30 days tracking that clearly shows mobile data usage. The app can also break down mobile data use by week with an emphasis on the mobile data used by each app.

For users who want to totally geek out they can also pair the program with Onavo Extend which compresses unencrypted data so users can squeeze more usage out of their mobile data plans without paying for additional data use.

Here is a video that shows off the sleek new app, take a look and then download the app to check it out for yourself:

Where was this iOS option when iOS 6 and iPhone 5 users were bleeding through data on their Verizon mobile accounts?