Kandi Burruss Slammed For Talking So Much About Phaedra: Should She Talk Business Instead?

Kandi Burruss was a self-made millionaire when she joined The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and she’s been trying to utilize the platform to launch several other business ventures. Throughout the years, she’s launched a sex-toy line, helped musicians with their music, tried to open a restaurant, and more recently, used her son Ace to do a clothing line. In fact, Burruss has plenty of things going on in her professional life, but she isn’t talking about them on the show. Instead, she keeps talking about her dislike for Phaedra Parks and people are getting tired of it.

According to a new Instagram post, Kandi Burruss is now being slammed for speaking about Phaedra Parks so much on the show. Over the past couple of weeks, Kandi and her mother, Mama Joyce, have been very vocal about Parks’ decisions in regards to her divorce and Burruss can’t exactly pinpoint why she doesn’t like her former friend.

“I love to talk about business. Some people hate that and some people love it. I’m excited that I was able to be a part of a new TV show called Queen Boss where I was able to help other female entrepreneurs,” Kandi Burruss revealed on Instagram, sharing that she is now able to share her entrepreneurial knowledge with fans on a new show called Queen Boss.

However, it sounds like people would actually love to hear more about her business ventures, as long as they are not being sold to. Perhaps people were a bit turned off with Kandi Burruss’ decision to use The Real Housewives of Atlanta to market her business products, so they don’t want to be customers. They want to be along for the journey, and some people would prefer watching this business development if Kandi Burruss would stop talking about Phaedra.

“I hate hear judges shows because the power of words can discourage someone I pray that this is successful we need more empowering shows Kandi, I look forward to watching and being blessed from it,” one person replied to Kandi Burruss on Instagram, while another person added on Twitter, “If you talked about your businesses as much as you do about Phaedra I’m sure they’d be doing a lot better.”

It’s interesting that Kandi Burruss is actually marketing a brand new show where she gets to speak about her business experience when she’s being told that she shouldn’t speak about her former friend. It seems like Burruss’ whole storyline has been about Parks this year and fans are getting tired of it.

“She is the type of friend to start telling business once she gets mad at that person,” one person replied to Kandi on Twitter, while others wrote things like, “I hope on this new show you won’t be gossiping about Phaedra. That all you and your employees and family do on #RHOA,” “You always call it as you see it except when you’re blindly siding Phaedra against Kenya Moore. I can’t wait to see the new show,” and “I LOVE talking about business. Is there a time you just don’t want a stranger to ask for advice or a business card from you?”

As for Phaedra, she’s open to settling her issues with Kandi, as she decided to invite her out of dinner. However, Kandi Burruss didn’t want to listen to her arguments, and she walked out of the dinner. It is interesting that she doesn’t want to speak to Phaedra to her face, but can continue to speak about her behind her back.

What do you think of Kandi Burruss’ decision to not speak about her business on The Real Housewives of Atlanta?

[Featured Image by Moses Robinson/Getty Images for Ford Neighborhood Awards]