WWE News: Stephanie McMahon Speaks Out About WWE Signing UFC Star Ronda Rousey

It should go without saying that UFC star Ronda Rousey is one of the top names in the world of sports, so the fact that the WWE wants to sign her whenever she’s done with the sport of MMA is by no means a shocking thing to see. Rousey has worked with the WWE in the past, as she appeared in a segment alongside The Rock at WrestleMania 31.

In the segment, she and Rock were having a small discussion with Authority members Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Things got to a boiling point, and Rock began hitting Triple H until he went near Ronda and she did a judo throw on him that would see him roll out of the ring. Stephanie, in a rage, went to attack Ronda but quickly saw the error of her ways.

Ronda would catch the arm that came to slap her and put the Billion Dollar Princess in an arm lock that would see her writhing in pain. Rousey would let her go to basically give us the thought that eventually, she would put the famous armbar on Stephanie one day. WWE has attempted to bring back Ronda Rousey ever since, but things have gotten a little tougher due to her schedule and time with the UFC.

Rousey UFC Press Conference
[Image by UFC]

Ronda Rousey has mentioned that she only has a few fights left before she calls it quits. This has made many wonder where she will go once her time with the UFC ends, which has pushed WWE to be quite vocal about having her come back through the likes of Triple H and now Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie mentioned in an interview with Martin Rogers of USA Today.

“Our fans love Ronda. Ronda has this cross platform appeal in terms of all forms of entertainment. We would welcome her with open arms. She is the total package.”

She’s right, too, as MMA and pro wrestling do have a lot of the same fans. Of course, there are a lot of MMA fans that claim that they like watching “the real stuff.” However, people can be fans of both WWE and UFC regardless of what some random people might say in person or online. Thousands of people went nuts in San Francisco in Levi Stadium when Ronda Rousey appeared at WrestleMania 31. That said, millions would enjoy seeing her around more often.

The Rock Ronda Rousey
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Stephanie was asked about the WrestleMania 31 appearance involving Ronda Rousey, and she did not mind letting the interviewer know exactly how she felt about Ronda’s work that night. She would tell Rogers…

“The moment was awe inspiring. Our business works the best when there is magic and energy in the air, and Ronda’s presence brought that. With a guest appearance like Ronda’s, to work best it has to be genuine and authentic. Pop culture is a huge strategy for WWE, our storylines are reflective of what’s happening in the world and what’s popular. In sports, it doesn’t get much more popular than Ronda.”

This was seen by many as a bit of a suck-up to Ronda Rousey by WWE and Stephanie McMahon. However, it is not as if she is lying. There are very few people who could come to the WWE and get the reaction she got. This is especially true because fans know she is a lifelong fan of the WWE product and even uses the “Rowdy” nickname to honor the now late WWE Hall of Famer Roddy Piper.

Rock Rousey WM31
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Stephanie would go on to talk about how closely related Ronda Rousey’s MMA character is to a pro wrestling one. With her love of wrestling, she developed a great trash-talking game that many have felt either loved or hated about her. Stephanie would relate it to the the Greatest of All-Time and his connection to wrestling trash-talk, saying the following.

“Muhammad Ali credited pro wrestling for where he got his trash talking skills and persona. I would like to think there is a bit of ‘Rowdy’ and wrestling history in Ronda and the way she carries herself, but she is definitely her own individual brand.”

A lot of athletes who seem to be amazing talkers also seem to be big pro-wrestling fans. It should come as no shock when you see the relation to trash talking with pro-wrestling compared to where else they would hear it. Trash-talking is a great part of the sporting world that can make guys and girls stars funny enough. Ronda Rousey does it well and would surely fit into the WWE quite well if and when she decides to retire from the octagon. This could be sooner than we all think.

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