Jenelle Evans Claims To Have Helped ’16 & Pregnant’ Star Before Her Death

Jenelle Evans was on the second season of 16 & Pregnant many years ago, and at that time, she had no idea that she would become a huge MTV star by appearing on Teen Mom 2. She was just one of several girls asked to film their life after 16 & Pregnant, and many of the girls were left behind by MTV. One of those girls, Valerie Fairman, was on Jenelle’s season of 16 & Pregnant, and she has managed to keep herself out of the spotlight since the show ended. In fact, some viewers may not even remember her story. But her name popped up on the internet this morning, as she has suddenly passed away.

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now revealing that she’s in shock that Valerie has passed away. The details surrounding her death are still unknown, but her family members have hinted that she struggled with drugs after her stint on 16 & Pregnant. Someone close to her shared that people needed to stop selling drugs because they were ruining people’s lives, hinting that she may have died of an overdose. And Evans is in shock because she claims she stayed in touch with Fairman and had just talked to her a few months ago.

“Oh my god. I just spoke to her a couple months ago and told her I’m proud of her and looks like she’s doing good,” Jenelle Evans revealed on Twitter after learning the news of the sudden passing, sharing in another tweet, “This really upsets me. Thanks for letting me know. I told her to stay on track.”

And it sounds like the death has shocked the entire Teen Mom community. Kailyn Lowry and Chelsea DeBoer also tweeted their condolences to the lost MTV star who shared her struggles as a teenage mother. But Jenelle Evans seems to be personally touched by the loss, and she revealed that she’s holding her sons a bit closer these days.

“Don’t take life for granted. Hold your children and love them close,” Jenelle Evans tweeted this morning as she was dealing with her feelings.

And while Evans can hold her children extra close these days, it sounds like Nathan Griffith feels left out. For a while, the two have been battling over custody of their son, Kaiser, who happens to be Evans’ youngest son. She’s expecting a baby girl in little over a month, and she’s happy to have her family together. But her ex-boyfriend wants to get more time with his son, and he’s getting the courts involved.

“Jenelle spreads so many lies about me. I’m just going to end up going to mediation. I already talked to my lawyer and can’t go into great detail about this,” Nathan Griffith revealed to Real Mr. Housewife about his custody situation, sharing that Jenelle is the reason why he has such a bad name in the Teen Mom community.

“She wants to proclaim me being this horrible father and that she doesn’t trust me, yet she’s living with a convicted felon who just was sentenced to jail for 60 days,” Nathan revealed to Real Mr. Housewife about his custody battle, adding, “Also, all the marks and bruises and all the sicknesses and strange illnesses Kaiser has have never been with me, only with her. Like the hand foot mouth disease, the rashes, the blisters on his butt, the scraped up knees, the bump on his head – I can go on and on.”

What do you think about Jenelle Evans claiming to have helped out Valerie before her death? Do you think she should focus on her children instead of her previous co-stars based on what Nathan is saying?

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]