‘Sister Wives’ Star Meri Brown Says Don’t Listen To The Lies As Rumors Fly That Kody Brown Will Get A New Wife Soon

Sister Wives star Meri Brown is telling fans not to listen to the lies. Meri Brown, one of Kody Brown’s four wives, took to Twitter on Monday to say that if “it didn’t come from us, it’s probably a lie.” Fans of Sister Wives can only assume that Meri Brown is speaking out about the recent rumors that Robyn Brown is planning to leave the family and Kody Brown will be looking for a new wife soon.

The Hollywood Gossip picked up the rumor on Wednesday that it’s over between Robyn and Kody. Robyn Brown is Kody Brown’s last wife out of his current four wives. The Sister Wives couple has two biological children together, with polygamist Kody Brown adopting Robyn’s other three children from her first marriage. Kody Brown, 47, actually divorced his only legal wife, first wife Meri Brown, two years ago so that he could legally marry Robyn and adopt her three other children.

Robyn Brown, 38, hasn’t been very visible on the current season of Sister Wives that aired back on November 27 on TLC. Radar Online speculates that marital issues stemming from her most recent pregnancy is driving a wedge between her and Kody. According to a Sister Wives insider, Robyn is planning to leave Kody Brown as soon as the new year hits, due to “communication issues and a lot of fighting.” The alleged inside source goes on to say that Robyn chose not to be on the recent season of Sister Wives because she wasn’t happy and didn’t want to film.

Blasting News actually reported on a possible divorce between Robyn and Kody shortly before the current season of Sister Wives premiered. Kody Brown is allegedly deep in medical debt and can’t handle that stress very well. Robyn — not wanting to be in a polygamous marriage anymore — allegedly planned on trying to get Kody all to herself, which apparently didn’t work out, and the rumored six-figure debt stems from injuries that Robyn’s son received in an ATV accident.

With stress from debt and marital issues mounting, Robyn Brown, known as the “hot wife” across social media, has allegedly decided to take all of her kids back to Utah to be with her mother. Robyn was actually raised in a polygamist family, but now allegedly can’t handle sharing her husband with three other women. Meri Brown has actually stolen the Sister Wives spotlight, putting the other three wives on the backburner, since her catfishing incident surfaced involving an online affair with a fictional lover.

All About the Tea outlines Meri Brown’s six-month online relationship with someone known as “Sam Cooper.” Cooper, who was supposed to be a businessman in his early 40s, turned out to be a woman, who’s a known online scammer with several fake social media accounts. The “Meri Catfished” episode of Sister Wives aired back on Season 6 in late 2015 but the fallout from Meri Brown’s sneaky online affair is still being covered in the current season.

“This season is really focusing on Maddie’s wedding and on the catfish plot. Robyn’s always gotten her way, now she’s totally done. She refuses to be placed on the back-burner.”

Now, Meri Brown, 45, is telling Sister Wives fans not to believe everything they read online, saying that she dies laughing every time she hears people “think they know all about our family.” Meri’s tweet, which went out Monday afternoon, leaves fans guessing that she’s talking about Robyn and Kody’s upcoming rumored divorce. Some fans say they respect the Brown family for sharing what it’s like to live a polygamous lifestyle on Sister Wives, but wonder why the Browns get upset when people speculate, saying “what did you think would happen” from being on reality TV.

Meri Brown followed up the first tweet with a more recent tweet on Tuesday, adding that she died laughing from the rumors but wasn’t upset. Loyal fans and supporters of Sister Wives don’t believe the rumors that Kody Brown will soon be looking for a new wife. One fan even said that the Brown family shouldn’t have to defend themselves due to speculation and fabrication, adding that she appreciates the “honest education” on polygamy from Sister Wives. Another Twitter follower says that if people don’t like what Meri Brown has to say on social media, then don’t watch Sister Wives or “don’t follow.”

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