Paris Jackson Poses In Balcony In Crochet Bikini

Paris Jackson poses in the balcony in crochet bikini and shares the photo on Instagram without a caption. While it may be difficult to figure out where the photo was taken, the post seems to come as a relief for her social media fans who may have waited long to a see more of her trim figure out the cover.

The teenage daughter of the late singer Michael Jackson doesn’t look at the camera in the snap. But she does a great job to reveal the details of her slender figure, sparingly covered in a white bikini with crochet detailing.

From the snap, it appears the 18-year-old Paris is enjoying the sunshine from a sea view balcony at an undisclosed holiday home. Paris’ bikini is complete with triangular briefs, shells under the bust, halterneck top, and other eye-catching detailing.

Paris Jackson poses in balcony in crochet bikini
[Image by Valerie Macon/Getty Images]

30,000 Likes For Snap Of Paris Jackson Posing On Balcony In Crochet Bikini

Paris also does a great job to show off her many tattoos, including several tattoos neatly decorating both arms. She shared the snap with her nearly 856,000 fans on Instagram and Snapchat had received more than 30,000 likes a few hours after posting.

While the balcony sea view suggests the photo wasn’t taken in New York City, Paris doesn’t give a hint whether it is a fresh snap taken at her Christmas holiday home or one of the photos she took her trip to Mexico recently. Paris was in Mexico with her boyfriend, Michael Snoddy, this October, according to a report by Express.

Painting Hipsters’ Toenails For A Living

Before uploading the cute bikini-on-balcony photo, Paris at the weekend shared another snap showing her working on the toenails of her godfather Macaulay Culkin. That weekend upload come with a caption: “Model? Nah I paint hipsters toenails for a living.”

Tropical Holiday

In October, Paris shared several photos on Instagram and Snapchat from what appeared to be a tropical paradise, though she didn’t disclose the location of the adventure.

In one of the tropical adventure snaps, Paris is seen posing in the bathroom in a black bikini with her tongue sticking out. The same snap shows her holding a smartphone on the left hand with the right hand on the waist.

Other snaps showed her enjoying a great time with her boyfriend Snoddy, including one where the partners are shown touching tongues.

Paris also shared images from her tropical adventure showing her and Snoddy hugging at the table. She captioned one of the snaps “Best vacation I could ever dream of thanks to my darling sunflower @michaelsnoddy,” according to a Daily Mail report.

In other photos, the couple is seen at the table with empty plates and drink containers nearly empty.

Paris Jackson poses in balcony in crochet bikini
[Image Charles Rex Arbogast/AP Images]

Officer Badge

Paris also shared a photo showing her wearing what looked like an officer badge attached to her trousers. She offered a hint that could actually be an officer badge as the post was accompanied by the caption “Perks of having a body guard travel with you.”

Marriage Rumors Neither Here Nor There

It was rumored at one point earlier this year that Paris was set to marry her boyfriend Snoddy. The rumors swirled after Paris was spotted with a ring on her engagement finger. However, it later turned out that Paris and Snoddy were not working out a marriage.

A Proud Mother

Toward the end of October, Paris’ mother, Debbie Rowe, revealed how she is proud of her daughter. At one point Rowe said Paris gives her a reason to get in the morning. Paris’ mother is battling breast cancer, according to a report by Entertainment Tonight.

Paris has been generous with updates of her out and about moments and the Paris Jackson posing in the balcony in crochet bikini post is one of those juicy updates.

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