Erika Girardi Calls Out Dorit Kemsley’s Flip-Flopping Statements: Questions Motive Behind Drama

Erika Girardi may not be everyone’s cup of tea and she seems to be alright with that. Erika knows that she may be too out there for some people and she’s not the conservative type. And while Girardi can understand that some people may not like her for her outgoing ways, she seems to have no problem with people’s opinions. But on Tuesday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Girardi had a hard time figuring out new housewife, Dorit Kemsley. While she had just complained about Americans being too uptight when comparing the US humor to British humor, she was clearly upset about how Erika hadn’t worn panties. And this left Girardi confused.

According to a new Bravo report, Erika Girardi is now questioning what Kemsley meant when she decided to talk about Girardi’s decision to leave the underwear at home. On one hand, she kept talking about how it was a conscious decision and a wise one, and then the next day, she couldn’t stop talking about how it was outrageous. Even her husband, PK, said that Erika’s body must be available to the world, making it seem like Girardi wasn’t loyal to her husband.

“Watching Dorit and PK talk about my ‘hoo-ha’ like they were devastated is strange to me. What, suddenly you’re conservative now? PK represents one of the most forward-thinking, gender-bending artists in music and Dorit herself says, ‘These things happen.’ So why is this such a topic of shock for them? On one hand you’re offended, and on the other hand you understand ‘these things happen?’ Which is it? I can’t help but wonder what the motive behind this drama-driven topic is really about,” Erika Girardi points out in her blog for Bravo, revealing that Dorit may have gone too far with her comments.

Maybe Erika Girardi believes that someone may have been feeding her information behind her back, as Dorit seems to have plenty of things to say about Erika behind her back. It’s no secret that Girardi has said things about Lisa Vanderpump last season, including that she was spinning a web of lies and getting everyone caught in the web.

Maybe Vanderpump told this to Kemsley and she felt she needed to say something mean to Erika Girardi to put her in her place and protect Lisa. Even though Erika doesn’t have any proof that there was a motive for the comments, it makes sense that something is behind her comments. The drama continues next week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills when Dorit gives Erika Girardi a pair of underwear. While she means it as a joke, it doesn’t exactly go down the way she wants it.

“The facts are these: My knees were closed together from the moment I sat down, and my legs were covered with either my purse or a black napkin. I did not sit there on display, and I do not appreciate what was said about me. It’s interesting to me that a woman who’s so busy ‘doing it all,’ has two beautiful babies, a gorgeous home, and an obviously adoring husband is finding the time to dissect me and call me names. She doesn’t even know me. In my opinion, this says more about Dorit than it does about me,” Erika Girardi explains in her blog, according to Bravo, revealing that she is hurt by the comments but will let Dorit’s comments speak for themselves.

What do you think of Erika Girardi’s comments about the new housewife? Do you think Kemsley was out of line with her comments and do you think she owes Girardi an apology, or do you think she needs to stick to her views?

[Featured Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Sharknado]