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Alec Baldwin’s impression of Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live hasn’t been entirely well received, however. Since his election, each time Baldwin has mocked Trump on SNL, the President-elect has taken to Twitter to criticize Baldwin and the show for being bias against him. In response, Baldwin presented Trump with an ultimatum, saying “Release your tax returns and I’ll stop.” Trump hasn’t since taken to Twitter to criticize either Baldwin or Saturday Night Live, signalling an end to the feud between the pair.

Baldwin isn’t the only star to receive acclaim for his role as a presidential candidate on Saturday Night Live. Prior to her election defeat, Hillary Clinton was played throughout the 2016 cycle by Kate McKinnon, who managed to perfectly capture Clinton’s ambition and distaste for Donald Trump, in a series of debate sketches alongside Baldwin.

McKinnon is only the latest in a long string of actresses to play Hillary Clinton, however. During the 2008 election, Clinton was played by Parks and Recreation star Amy Poehler, with Jan Hooks, Janeane Garofalo, Vanessa Bayer, Ana Gasteyer all also credited with playing Clinton. In 2015, Hillary Clinton herself made an appearance on Saturday Night Live, alongside McKinnon’s character and one sketch featured Miley Cyrus playing a younger Hillary Clinton.

Saturday Night Live returns with guest host Felicity Jones and musical guest Sturgill Simpson on January 14, 2017, on NBC.

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