Christina El Moussa Dating Gary Anderson After Split From Tarek El Moussa, ‘Flip Or Flop’ Star Moves On

Christina El Moussa has been making headlines for the last few weeks. She wasn’t terribly well known aside from her show, Flip or Flop on HGTV. El Moussa and her husband, Tarek, seemed to have everything going for them. They share two children and on the outside, they looked like one big happy family. That image was shattered when news of a huge confrontation between the husband and wife was leaked. Back in May, Christina and Tarek had a huge argument which ended with the police being called. While nothing got out of hand, it was the beginning of the end of their marriage.

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Both Christina and Tarek El Moussa have been seeing other people since their marriage fell apart last spring. Gary Anderson is the new man in her life and the nanny was the one he turned to for comfort. Choosing someone who was close to the situation seems odd to outsiders, but the El Moussas seem to have chosen people who they trusted. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Christina El Moussa may find trouble with Gary Anderson. He has been divorced twice and doles out some hefty child support every month. Anderson’s track record with relationships is iffy at best and El Moussa could be setting herself up for some serious heartache.

There is going to be no reconciliation for Christina and Tarek El Moussa. This has been confirmed by a joint statement they released. While the El Moussas had planned to continue their business relationship and work on Flip or Flop indefinitely, that is no longer the case. HGTV has decided to finish filming for the remainder of the contract with Christina and Tarek but after that, the show will end. This was shocking to fans who have been following the drama over the last several days, especially since the network was sticking behind the amicable split.

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An official cause for the split between Christina and Tarek El Moussa has not been made public. Rumors have circulated that Gary Anderson may have played a role in what happened. He was a witness to the argument in May as his name was listed on the police report. Something between Christina and Gary seems off, though neither is addressing their relationship publicly. There were a lot more outraged fans at Tarek when it was exposed that he dated the nanny throughout the month of October. He let her go when it became apparent there was a connection between the two but pursued a relationship with her for an entire month before ending things. Christina has not confirmed how long she has been seeing Anderson but speculation is that it is at least a few months, maybe even several.

As Christina El Moussa moves forward with Gary Anderson, fans expect more information to become available. Speculation is the Tarek El Moussa was keeping things quiet because the two had decided to try and remain business partners and planned on keeping Flip or Flop airing on HGTV. With the cancellation of the show and Christina’s new relationship, things just aren’t working out as expected.

The El Moussas had what looked like everything from the outside but their marriage was suffering on the inside. Fans are disappointed that the show was canceled in the wake of the separation, especially after everything has been amicable. Although Christina and Tarek El Moussa are leaving their marriage behind, they plan on co-parenting their children and acting in a responsible manner. The former couple has kept a united front since the separation was announced and it looks like it will continue despite Christina dating Gary Anderson.

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