Julie Montagu On Jealousy Between Her And Caroline Stanbury, Sophie Stanbury And Adela King Defend Themselves

Is the drama that’s happening between Julie Montagu and Caroline Stanbury on the current Ladies of London episodes due to jealousy? Is Julie jealous of Caroline’s wealth? Is Caroline jealous of Julie’s title and estate? On Tuesday night, as the latest episode aired, Julie posted a tweet that addressed the matter of whether all of the bickering between her and Caroline is really because one, or both, is jealous of the other. Sophie Stanbury, Caroline’s sister-in-law, and Adela King, Caroline’s friend, or perhaps former friend by now, have also spoken out to defend themselves from criticism that they betrayed Caroline.

As the latest episode aired, a viewer tweeted that Julie is jealous that Caroline is the “queen bee” of the cast. In her response, Julie denied any jealousy. She stated that she is not jealous of Caroline nor is Caroline jealous of her. Surprisingly, Julie added that she and Caroline “are fine.” Julie included Caroline’s Twitter handle into her tweet to make sure that she received it.

Julie actually spent the past few days with Sophie in the U.S. to do press for the show. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Julie, when talking about how Caroline and Juliet Angus seemed to have withdrawn themselves from the rest of the group after deeming the others to be against them, said that viewers will actually see her and Caroline work things out in the next episode.

“Those two decided that themselves. We’ve never said we were a clique. We’re not mean girls. We love each other. We go through ups and downs, and we’re fine. That’s just a relationship … Caroline and I, you’ll see episode four, that we work things out.”

While Caroline and Julie may be fine now, Caroline and Sophie aren’t. Sophie revealed that while she and Caroline actually patched things up during filming, they are now estranged because of something else that happened after filming.

“[Caroline] and I got through this season together, and we did come back from it. Unfortunately, we did have another run-in after filming.”

“They’re not speaking really right now,” Julie chimed in.

Sophie admitted that she and Caroline are on a break right now.

“No, we’re not in a good place. I feel like everybody’s allowed to have a little break from their friendships, and we’re having a little break. Do I want that to get better at some point in my life? Of course I do. But right now I need a bit of space.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Caroline admitted during her Watch What Happens Live appearance a few weeks ago that she and Sophie are currently “broken.” Sophie later said on social media that she and Caroline are on a break right now due to something that happened outside of filming. Exactly what happened, Sophie didn’t say.

During the interview, Sophie also defended herself from the accusation that she has betrayed her sister-in-law in favor of Julie.

“Listen, Caroline and I are sisters-in-law so we are family and that’s never going to change…We’ve got a really strong bond together…I think the whole beginning scene where I tell Jules that Caroline called her dangerous, there’s so much backstory to that…what you don’t see on camera is me calling Caroline the night before the Telegraph lunch and saying, ‘Listen, I really want to look after you. I really want to protect you. I didn’t realize Jules was going to have such an extreme reaction to these things that are now on camera and what can I do to help you?’ And she said, ‘No. It’s all fine. I can deal with it. Don’t worry about it.’ But then the next day there were fireworks and that’s where I felt betrayed at that point.”

Sophie Stanbury’s drama with Caroline Stanbury on Ladies of London began after she made the mistake of telling Julie Montagu that Caroline, during a conversation that they had with one another, had called her “dangerous.” While Sophie later apologized to Caroline for the slip, Caroline made it clear that she believed that Sophie knew exactly what she was doing when she told Julie what she did.

On Tuesday night’s episode, Caroline felt further betrayed when Sophie didn’t stick up for her during dinner at Julie’s Mapperton estate after she and Julie got into an argument over her not wanting to go on the planned fishing excursion. Caroline said that no one was going to tell her what to do and further criticized Julie for imposing “house rules” on her guests, which she said reminded her of her terrible boarding school days. When Caroline left the dinner, only Juliet Angus left with her. The next morning, Sophie went to Caroline’s room to persuade her to go on the fishing trip, only to be pushed away by Caroline, who once again accused her of betraying her.


During the Entertainment Tonight interview, Sophie said that she simply wanted to have fun with Caroline.

“I didn’t realize at that point how she was feeling. It was later on that she said to me, you know, ‘These are the reasons I felt like that.’ At the time I was just like, ‘Come on…just come and have fun with us. I want to just have the fun that I normally have with Caroline so I was just like, ‘Bury everything, bury the hatchet, bury the feelings…put your trainers on and just have a laugh.'”

Another person whom viewers saw Caroline lash out at on the latest episode was her friend Adela King. During the Mapperton dinner table argument, Adela thew out a comment that seemed to make fun of Caroline.

“The more you tell her, the more she’ll rebel. So let’s just leave her. Let her sleep. She’s exhausted because, you know, she’s been driven down here without her makeup done.”

Not surprisingly, Caroline didn’t like hearing what Adela said. Caroline yelled out that Adela was a “pain in the a**” and that she’s sick of her. Caroline continued lashing out at Adela after she left the dinner table and did so again when Sophie came to her room the next morning.

After the episode aired, Adela posted a message to her Instagram page that pointed out that true friends tell you what you need to hear, not just what you want to hear.

Was Caroline Stanbury’s criticism of Sophie Stanbury and Adela King and accusations that they betrayed her in favor of Julie Montagu justified? Prior to Ladies of London airing, Caroline posted a video clip to her Instagram page of a friend showing her support and defending her character in light of what viewers were about to see. In response to the video, a viewer wrote that Caroline seems to be on the verge of a major breakdown and has a lot of anger. In her response to the critical comment, Caroline admitted that her reaction was the result of more than just what was strictly happening between her and the other women but was also due to what was going on in her personal life.

“sassycurry: Did you watch the same show as everyone else?? This gal looks on the verge of a major breakdown. So much anger coming out it’s scary. Feel bad for her and especially her family.”

“carolinestanbury: @sassycurry lol filming everyday 3 kids 3 house moves and fighting on screen and dealing with company issues yes I wasn’t skipping! X”

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