‘Sense8’: Is The Christmas Episode The Premiere Of Season 2 Or A Standalone Episode?

Netflix is getting ready to drop a special Christmas episode of their original content series, Sense8, on December 23. But is this episode a part of Season 2, which will air in May of 2017, or is it a standalone episode?

Spoiler alert: This article contains information about the Christmas episode and Season 2 of Netflix’s Sense8. Please proceed with caution if you wish to avoid spoilers.

The official synopsis from Netflix for the Christmas special episode of Sense8 is below.

“The journey continues as these eight singular hearts and minds weave in and out of each other’s lives finding deeper connections, learning darker, more desperate secrets about one another and struggling to identify with more than just oneself.”

This episode of Sense8 will run for two hours according to the trailer released for the Christmas special.

According to Variety, this episode of Sense8 will actually be the first episode of Season 2 but with a Christmas theme. While Sense8 is not really a show that lends itself to a feel-good Christmas special, one of the shows creators, Lana Wachowski, told Sense8 fans via a taped message on YouTube that Christmas can actually be an isolating time for some people and it is this angle that she has taken with the first episode Season 2 in the Christmas special.

“Holidays can make you feel so connected, in the way holidays can make you feel so isolated and alone. I wanted to tell a story in the first episode that was kind of about time in the present and how the new lives these characters were experiencing made them feel empowered, like they could do anything as long as they’re together.”

The Christmas special episode of Sense8 will start where the Season 1 finale left off, with the sensates on the run from Mr. Whispers (Terrence Mann). Fans learned in Season 1 of Sense8 that eye contact with a sensate outside of their cluster can cause a similar bond to that of the other members inside their cluster. While this can be a good, or mostly benign thing, Whispers regularly use eye contact as a way to break into a cluster and locate them. Once he can find a sensate, he will either torture, lobotomize or kill them, depending on whether they agree to join the BPO (Biologic Preservation Organization).

In the trailer for the Christmas special episode, it is revealed Mr. Whispers manages to make eye contact with Will (Brian J. Smith) by wishing him a merry Christmas while Will is preoccupied kissing Riley (Tuppence Middleton). This opens up some serious implications for Season 2 of Sense8 as a result of Mr. Whispers now having a connection with Will. Especially considering one of the promotional images for Season 2 also shows Whispers with Will and Riley.

Netflix's 'Sense8,' Season 2, Special Christmas episode, Riley, Will and Mr Whispers
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Now, if you are thinking about skipping the Christmas episode of Sense8 in favor of waiting it out until May 5 to watch Season 2 in one hit, Hypable‘s advice is don’t. Tariq Kyle from Hypable got an advance screener for Sense8‘s Christmas episode and has this to say about the first episode of Season 2.

“It’s basically a movie full of epic fight scenes, emotional connections and another very impressive orgy scene.”

If you think you might struggle to keep up with everything that went down in Season 1 of Sense8, Hypable also assures fans that this will not be the case with the Christmas episode introducing all of the characters in a way that acts as a refresher for what happened in Season 1. This is great news for fans who have probably left it a little too late to binge on Season 1 all over again in anticipation of the Christmas episode.

Netflix's 'Sense8,' Season 2, Special Christmas episode, the sensates
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Are you looking forward to the special Christmas episode that is the premiere of Netflix’s Sense8 Season 2? Let us know your thoughts about what you think will happen in Season 2 by commenting below.

Season 2 of Sense8 will return to Netflix with the special Christmas episode before returning to Netflix in full on Friday, May 5, 2017. Season 2 of Sense8 will consist of 10 episodes, including the Christmas episode.

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