Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Christmas Presents, Queen Fully Supports Harry And Meghan

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle aren’t going to be together for Christmas, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be thinking of each other. Vanity Fair’s Josh Duboff and Julie Miller talked about Harry and Meghan on the pop-culture podcast In the Limelight. They came up with some ideas of what the Prince and the Suits actress would give each other for Christmas.

After noting the matching necklaces Harry and Markle have been wearing, and the beanie-twin effect from the day they were finally photographed together, Miller suggested that the couple are actually very different.

“He seems like such a low key casual guy,” she said of Prince Harry, while they both agreed that Markle is much more of a driven, “Type-A” personality. Meghan would probably be the one to put a lot of effort into finding just the right Christmas present for the prince, but he might leave Christmas shopping to an assistant.

“Opposites attract maybe that’s what he needs in his life.”

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry not together for Christmas
Prince Harry's girlfriend, Meghan Markle [Image by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for P.S. ARTS]

According to the podcasters, Markle would probably have “tried to get something like homespun and whimsical.” A bookmark was one possibility that came up, but they also speculated that Meghan “went all out with his present.”

After all, Markle wants to impress a royal prince who has always had the best of the best. The show speculated that Markle might have found him some great archaeological historical artifact to make the prince sit up and take notice on Christmas Day.

It seemed likely to both of the speakers that Prince Harry could have an assistant who would take care of present-buying, but no one is sure whether that’s true or not. If Harry chose something for Meghan, the speculation is that “he literally just like purchased some expensive electronics for her.”

Meghan and Harry may have to be more focused on Christmas presents next year, since it looks like their romance has met with royal approval at the highest level.

According to Us Weekly, a royal insider confirmed that Queen Elizabeth is “fully supportive” of the relationship between Harry and Meghan. It’s early days yet, and Markle has certainly not been invited to meet the Queen in person. That meeting may happen sooner than it did for Kate Middleton. William didn’t get to introduce Kate to the Queen for five long years!

Prince Harry will have to wait to introduce Meghan Markle to Queen Elizabeth. Middleton waited five years!
[Image by Ian Vogler - WPA Pool/Getty Images]

Times are changing, even for the royals, and the insider says Queen Elizabeth is glad that Harry has found love.

“She’s delighted to see Harry in a loving relationship.”

Miller and Duboff both agreed that Markle’s royal boyfriend might need careful handling, despite his laid-back qualities. They think that if his friends and family — including the monarch — want to tell him that the romance with Meghan isn’t going to work out, then Harry will just be more defiant about pursuing the relationship. If that’s true, then it makes sense that there are quiet statements of support for Prince Harry and Markle.

It looks like the royals are taking their time in making strong connections with Markle though. She didn’t get to meet Prince George and Princess Charlotte, and Duboff thinks that although Meghan would have “floated the possibility,” Kate would say no to introducing a possible new aunt until Harry and Meghan are certain they have a future together.

Miller said that she could definitely see Markle buying presents for Harry to give to Kate and William’s children though. Perhaps Meghan and Harry stopped to pick up some “cool chocolate” for the prince and princess after their Christmas tree shopping was finished.

The Daily Mail reports that since it’s far “too soon” in the royal romance for Markle to join the prince at Sandringham House for the royal Christmas festivities, the actress returned to her Toronto home earlier this week. Christmas at Sandringham is by invitation of the Queen, and “only close family and occasionally friends join the senior royals” for the Christmas gathering.

Prince Harry said goodbye to Meghan Markle before Christmas holidays
Prince Harry looked glum after dropping Meghan Markle at airport before Christmas [Image by Matt Dunham / AP Images]

Instead, the prince said goodbye to Markle after dropping her off “personally” at Heathrow airport on December 18. The couple weren’t exactly alone, of course. Airline staff surrounded Meghan, while the prince had five protection officers with him. It’s all good practice for Markle, just in case she and Prince Harry are serious, and Markle becomes the next royal bride.

[Featured Image by John Stillwell – WPA Pool/Getty Images]