March 14, 2017
'Homeland' Season 6: Peter Quinn Springs Into Action In Episode 9 Promo

After a heartbreaking episode, titled "Alt-Truth," a highly-motivated Quinn stocked up on ammunition in the promo for Homeland Season 6, Episode 9, titled "Sock Puppets." In last week's episode, Quinn, who is still recovering from a horrific brain injury, failed to realize that BND agent Astrid came from Germany to aid in his recovery because she loves him.

In his paranoia, Quinn went to Astrid's car and removed the bullets from her gun when she went out on a run. He will live to regret this decision when he runs back to Astrid after stalking the wrong man and hitting him over the head.

However, Quinn was not completely wrong and the mysterious assassin that he rightfully suspected came to his cabin to silence him. When Astrid went for her gun, Quinn's failed to warn her, due to his lack of communication skills, and she was left defenseless.

After the sniper's bullet grazed his head, Quinn was shot a second time; however, his high-level training kicked in and he managed to escape death by holding his breath for an extended time.

In Homeland Episode 9, it seems like Quinn is gunning for Dar Adal, who he will likely blame for Astrid's death. The fast-paced promo shows Quinn pointing a gun at a man that looks like the conniving Dar.

In another clip of Homeland's next episode, Max has successfully tracked down the company believed to be responsible for Agent Conlin's death. Carrie fears for Max's safety when he reveals that he applied for a job at the company and is essentially going undercover. He absolved any guilt from Carrie, because he went on to apply for the job without consulting her first.Throughout Season 6 of Homeland, despite Quinn's reduced physical ability and cognitive function, even a Peter Quinn with limited function is useful. He essentially uncovered the conspiracy surrounding the bombing in his paranoid state and can accurately shoot to maim with his functioning hand.

Dar's attempt to turn Quinn against Carrie by revealing she tried to wake him up from his coma will probably fail. He is still the agent that was willing to risk death, via a deadly nerve agent for his country, and will probably understand Carrie's decision at some level.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, showrunner Alex Gansa revealed that Peter Quinn almost didn't make it to Homeland Season 6.

"There was a moment toward the end of last season where I let [Friend] know there was a fairly decent chance he wasn't going to survive. We probably thought he was going to die in the gas chamber. But as these things morph and change, as we got closer to that moment, we found a more interesting way to end it. We began filling in the blanks, and there was a need for a character for Quinn to interact with while he's captured by the bad guys. And as that relationship between them developed, we thought, 'Wouldn't it be interesting if this guy saved Quinn's life?' And that led to the whole idea of him not dying in that environment."

President-elect Keane seems to be making some plans of her own; however, the Episode 9 promo is very vague as to what that may be. Carrie and Saul are going to be working closer with each other again and despite their closeness, there still seems to be some trust issues between the longtime friends. The synopsis for the ninth episode is as follows: "Carrie catches a break; Keane makes a plan; Max goes undercover."

Homeland Season 6, Episode 9, will air on March 19 on Showtime.

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