Montana Town Steps Up Police Patrols After White Supremacists Post ‘Call To Action’, Home Addresses Of Local Jews

Police in the small Montana town of Whitefish (population: 6,400) have stepped patrols after a white supremacist website posted the addresses of the town’s Jews, as well as a vague “Call to Action,” The Seattle Times is reporting.

Last week, the neo-nazi Daily Stormer published an article, “Jews Targeting Richard Spencer’s Mother for Harassment and Extortion – TAKE ACTION,” filled with anti-Semitic slurs, which contained the names, workplaces, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and photographs of six Jews living in the northwest Montana town. The photos of the individuals were superimposed with yellow stars of the type Jews were required to wear in Nazi Germany. (The Inquisitr will not provide a link to the article in question.)

Montana white supremacy
A white supremacist website published photos of Montana Jews with this star superimposed on them. [Image by Threedots via Wikimedia Commons | Cropped and Resized | by License]

“This is the Jews for you, people. They are a vicious, evil race of hate-filled psychopaths.”

What beef does the white supremacist movement have with the Jews in Whitefish, Montana specifically? Whitefish is the sometimes home of Richard Spencer, a white-supremacist advocate whom The New York Times says supports an “Aryan revival” in the U.S. Spencer’s mother, Sherry Spencer, owns and lives in a building in Whitefish. That building has been the “source of protests,” according to The Seattle Times.

Specifically, human rights activists have called on Mrs. Spencer to sell the downtown Whitefish building she owns, or at the very least, make a donation to an anti-hate organization. The tenants of the building, one of which is a beauty salon, report that customers have stayed away for fear of being associated with Spencer.

That doesn’t appear to have sat well with Daily Stormer writer Andrew Anglin.

“This is what they do. It is clear and obvious extortion. They are saying ‘give us money, or we are going to continue this campaign of terror against you and your family.’ It couldn’t be any more clear. All of these Jew organizations engage in this transparent extortion racket with impunity.”

After posting photos and personal details of Whitefish’s Jewish population, Anglin then called on his readers to make their opinions known and to tell Whitefish Jews that they (Anglin’s readers) are “sickened by their Jew agenda.”

To be fair, Anglin is adamant that he doesn’t want his readers to harm anyone.


So far, according to Whitefish Police Lt. Bridger Kelch, some members of the Jewish community in the town have reported harassment in the form of emails and social media posts, but no death threats and no harassment in person or by telephone. However, his department is stepping up patrols for the time being.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is also keeping an eye on the situation in Whitefish. Sandra Barker, the spokeswoman for the FBI’s Salt Lake City office, said that the agency is “aware” of the issue and is looking into whether or not Daily Stormer‘s actions violated federal law.

In a follow-up Daily Stormer article posted today, Anglin seems to be of the opinion that he is the victim in this situation.

“The sickening Jew filth is attempting to send the FBI after me for telling people to send messages of protest to the Jews!”

For her part, Sherry Spencer, the woman whose property is at the heart of the Whitefish dispute, says that she and her husband have tried to “distance themselves” from her son and his extremist views.

“We do not endorse the idea of white nationalism.”

This is a developing story. More information about the conflict in Whitefish, Montana will be provided as it becomes available.

[Featured Image by by John Moore/Getty Images]