‘Sister Wives’ Rumors: Robyn Brown Allegedly Leaving Kody, Moving Back To Utah

There are always rumors flying that one of Kody Brown’s wives is going to be leaving him. Now it turns out that the rumor is that Robyn Brown is leaving and moving back to Utah. Radar Online shared the details about these big rumors that say that Robyn is done and is tired of the way her kids have been treated living with the Brown family. Of course, so far the Brown family is staying quiet on these big rumors. The fans would love to hear straight from them exactly what they are thinking.

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A source close to the reality star is speaking out and says that Robyn is allegedly leaving soon. She will still be with the Browns through the holidays according to the source. Here is what the source revealed.

“She is leaving the first week in January to go back to Utah with the kids and be with her family to figure out the next step in her life. Her kids aren’t being treated very well. There were a lot of communication issues and a lot of fighting. Kody is really bad at handling stressful situations and wants to be safe all the time, and when Robyn could no longer be his source of comfort. He couldn’t handle it.”

The source says that the marriage issues started during Robyn Brown’s recent pregnancy. The source also shared that you won’t be seeing a lot of Robyn Brown during this season of Sister Wives and there is a reason for it. The source said, “This season is really focusing on Maddie’s wedding and on the catfish plot. Robyn’s always gotten her way, now she’s totally done. She refuses to be placed on the back-burner.”

The source explained that Robyn Brown has to wait on Sister Wives to be done filming before she can go back and that she is not happy while she is doing it. The source said Robyn has to mend a few relationship at home, but she is going to do that and reportedly live with her parents for some time while deciding what her next step is going to be.

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The thing is Kody Brown adopted Robyn’s three children from a previous relationship. This means that she now has five children that are Browns that she will have to worry about. If Robyn does divorce Kody, she is the only wife that is legally married to him, and he could end up owing her child support. Meri actually divorced Kody so that he could marry Robyn and adopt her children. This was a way to make sure they were always part of the family, but if Robyn leaves then this will really shake things up. Her children are now considered Kody Brown’s children as well.

This isn’t the first time that rumors have flown that Kody Brown had a wife leaving. A few months ago, the Hollywood Gossip shared that rumors were flying that all four of Kody’s wives might be leaving him. There was talk that Kody was thinking about taking on two new wives and that the other wives were not happy about this possibility. At the time, a source said that Kody’s main goal was to keep the show going. That is what he was trying to do.

Are you shocked to hear the rumors that Robyn Brown is leaving Kody Brown? Do you think that this is really going to happen? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Sister Wives on Sunday nights on TLC. You do not want to miss the rest of this season of the show.

Update: Meri Brown of Sister Wives is now speaking out against rumors! Kody is talking too!

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