May 3, 2017
WWE Rumors: Seth Rollins' 'WrestleMania' Status In Jeopardy After 'Raw'?

Last night's Raw brought a lot of excitement for fans of Seth Rollins, who made his first return to the ring after his awful knee injury. However, the latest WWE rumors suggest that his appearance last night did nothing to solidify his WrestleMania status. In fact, according to these latest WWE rumors, Seth Rollins's WrestleMania status is even more in jeopardy after last night's Raw!

As fans know, Seth Rollins is set to take on Triple H during WrestleMania. Like the Roman-Reigns/The Undertaker match, this is one of the most anticipated matches of WrestleMania. And the latest WWE rumors from Bleacher Report suggest this is a match that the WWE desperately needs.

"When Seth Rollins returned to the WWE on Monday's episode of Raw, wrestling fans couldn't help but be excited about the matchup between Seth Rollins and Triple H inevitably being added to a lackluster WrestleMania 33 card. Thus far, the build to WrestleMania in Orlando has been disappointing, but the storyline between Rollins and Triple H has been one of the only well-built feuds in the company over the last year. With Rollins temporarily on the shelf due to a knee injury and his match against Triple H in question, the WWE's biggest show of the year felt like it was missing something."

But according to the latest WWE rumors from Wrestlezone, there's a good reason for Rollins' fans to be concerned: his situation is in dire jeopardy.

"Seth Rollins was recently cleared with restrictions for an in-ring return, explaining why he got physical on tonight's RAW, but his Wrestlemania status is still undecided. Rollins is reportedly cleared for 'base work' like some of the strikes and attacks seen on RAW, but he is still not cleared to return for a full match. Rollins appeared on RAW tonight to confront Triple H, and threw his crutch down before attacking 'The Game', but Triple H ended up taking out Rollins' knee and stood tall as the show ended. Rollins has said on-air that he will be at Wrestlemania 33 to face off with Triple H, but an official match between the two has yet to be confirmed."

But does that mean that Rollins won't be at WrestleMania? According to ComicBook's latest round of WWE rumors, it's quite possible. Because his physical condition is still up in the air, it remains to be seen if he'll be at WrestleMania, but the odds seem to be in his favor.

"When Triple H used Rollins' own crutch to tee off on his knee like it was a child's pinata, it seemed even clearer that his knee was fine. Kayfabe fine, at least. As it turns out, the angle might have been designed to keep Rollins out of an actual match at 'Mania. With Rollins back on the sidelines for the next two weeks, his involvement with Triple H could look similar to last night's encounter, just with the student overcoming the teacher on the Grandest Stage of Them All. While not having Rollins and Hunter finally resolve their differences in a match is a bit of a let down, the two have been killing it in their promos and would be able to use their eventual match to boost the numbers of an upcoming RAW brand pay per view that will be in greater need of a marquee match-up."

What do you think of this latest round of WWE rumors? Leave your thoughts about the latest WWE rumors, and whether you think Seth Rollins will have a match at WrestleMania, in the comments below.

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