#BoycottDelta Trends With Adam Saleh Video: Is YouTube Prank Video Star Anti-Black? Fake Hoax Versus Real Discrimination Charges

In the wake of Adam Saleh’s video going viral, as seen below from Saleh’s Twitter account, a number of other terms are going viral. First off, Adam claimed that he got kicked off of a Delta flight simply for speaking Arabic to his mother on the phone. As seen in the video, Saleh seemed pretty heated when he recorded himself, along with other Delta passengers on the plane, saying he said a few words in a different language — and that fact alone caused him to get kicked off the plane.

According to Adam’s video, “a few white people” felt uncomfortable with Saleh’s presence, and it appears that the Delta Airlines gate agents were waiting for Adam to finish recording his video to try and escort him off of the Delta flight. Saleh said he felt like crying at the moment and told those folks who complained about him that they made him feel uncomfortable. Saleh said that he couldn’t believe it was 2016 with the manner in which he was being treated. A man sitting near Saleh took up for him and tried to find out why Adam was being kicked off the Delta flight. The unnamed man sympathized with Saleh and said that Adam should not get kicked off.

Normally, such an incident might not go viral so quickly, but seeing as how the Adam Saleh Vlogs YouTube channel has more than 2.25 million subscribers, Adam obviously has a large following. According to YouTube, Saleh’s videos have drawn nearly 500 million views, so expect that number to exponentially increase in the wake of this melee once Saleh uploads his updated reaction video.

However, even as Adam’s named trends on Twitter, so do reports of Saleh allegedly calling black people “Abed” or “Abeed,” which means slave in Arabic. Questions over whether Saleh is racist or not are also filling Twitter along with Saleh’s viral video.

Therefore, some of the people tweeting about Saleh’s plight claim that Adam, who is reportedly black and Muslim, is a racist.

It’s quite a confusing conundrum for those who aren’t familiar with Saleh’s prank videos and work that have made him famous on YouTube.

Apparently, the melee stemmed from the above snippet that shows Adam calling black people “abeed,” which is where the slave comment came into play. Other people are confused and are wondering if the #boycottdelta situation is a prank, seeing as how Adam has grown famous for making prank videos.


However, others are replying to those prank theories, writing that just because Adam is the king of prank videos doesn’t necessarily mean that he created a prank with Delta Airlines. Instead of writing the word “prank,” others are writing about that #boycottdelta is a hoax or that the #boycottdelta video is fake, whereas others just want to see the #boycottdelta video that started the whole thing with Adam.

According to CBS News, Delta did release a statement about the situation with Saleh, noting that more than 20 Delta Airlines customers said that Adam made them uncomfortable.

“Two customers were removed from this flight and later re-booked after a disturbance in the cabin resulted in more than 20 customers expressing their discomfort. We’re conducting a full review to understand what transpired. We are taking allegations of discrimination very seriously; our culture requires treating others with respect.”

Adam’s latest video on his YouTube account was from one day ago, showing himself zipping himself up in a suitcase to travel to another country. Saleh’s latest video on his YouTube channel has nearly 200,000 views as of this writing.

[Featured Image by Adam Saleh Vlogs/YouTube]