Shonda Rhimes Of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Reveals Secrets About Couples And More

Grey’s Anatomy may be on a break, but the spoilers are still coming out. TV Line got the chance to talk to Shonda Rhimes and get a few details about what will be happening in the future on the show. Grey’s Anatomy will return on January 19 on ABC. The fans want to know if Meredith Grey will finally find love and how things are going to turn out for Alex Karev.

When asked about why Shonda Rhimes hasn’t decided to put Meredith and Alex together just yet, she had an answer, but it wasn’t one that gave the fans much information. She said, “That’s like asking me why haven’t I had a certain kind of cheese. The answer is, ‘Because I haven’t had that kind of cheese.'” It really has appeared that they may go there, but it just hasn’t happened yet.

As Grey’s Anatomy shared on Facebook, Jo finally told Alex the truth about being married and that she can’t get a divorce. She ran away from someone who almost beat her to death, and she doesn’t want him to find her. Jo Wilson isn’t even her real name. Now that Alex knows the truth about everything it could change things for them, but only time will tell. They left the fall finale with a lot up in the air for this couple. If Jo and Alex don’t work out, that will leave room for Shonda Rhimes to decide to put him with Meredith Grey finally.

One person missing this season is Sara Ramirez as Callie Torres. She decided to leave the show, but Shonda says she loves her and the character, so you never know what might happen there. When asked about why Deluca might decide to drop the charges against Alex, Shonda wouldn’t answer that one. It sounds like she just wants the fans to have to wait and see it all go down on the show. The last thing everyone saw on Grey’s Anatomy was Alex was considering taking the plea deal, but Meredith Grey did not want him to do that no matter what.

Shonda Rhimes poses with Ellen

One other couple on Grey’s Anatomy that the fans are really interested in watching this season are April and Jackson. They split, but now that they have a baby together, they could be joining forces once again. Here is what Shonda Rhimes had to say about that possibility.

“This isn’t a new issue so we’ve already seen any and all issues that this might entail. It’s such a positive thing to watch our characters behave as fully formed adults who know how to co-parent. What’s great is that parenting has nothing to do with their storyline this season — it gets much more interesting than you’d imagine…”

Shonda also didn’t share if we can expect a wedding to happen this season. The Inquisitr already shared that there will be at least one person going to jail and the one they are talking about isn’t Alex Karev either. Arizona will actually be heading to jail, but it is for a case. She will be working on someone too dangerous to bring into the hospital, but what they did or what is wrong with them is still a secret. This should be an exciting episode with a pretty big twist.

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Are you excited about what Shonda Rhimes shared about Grey’s Anatomy? Do you think that Shonda will eventually put Meredith and Alex together? Sound off in the comments section below and don’t miss Grey’s Anatomy when it returns to ABC on January 19. Shonda Rhimes obviously always does a great job with Grey’s Anatomy, and fans are expecting her to do the same once again.

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