‘Destiny’ Streamer Series: The Mav Show, Leader Of The Mavicorns

“I play video games on twitch on my interactive online live tv show and enjoy making people smile and just have a good time.”

Destiny may be just a video game to most people, but to thousands, it’s a way to connect with friends from all around the world in a community that’s special in its own way. In September of 2014, Bungie released a successor to its already-popular title Halo. The hype surrounding the game was justified just after a few months of being available to players.

It all begins with the community. Names like King Gothalion, Professor Broman, and Teawrex, helped create and maintain the faction that is the Destiny community. What began as a smaller group of people turned into a cacophony of excellence on Twitch. The video game streaming platform helped shape people’s lives one at a time. Gothalion, Broman, and Teawrex started at the epicenter of this movement, but its growth is incomparable.

One of the Destiny streamers involved in said growth is The Mav Show. As the quote reads above, Mav simply loves to make people smile and enjoy their experience watching her and interacting with the community. She didn’t have the most predictable start as one would imagine. Her entrance to Destiny started at RedBox.

“A funny story from the launch of ‘Destiny,’ I actually had to rent it. I was a student and working several jobs, as well as being a mom. So, I RedBoxed the game for a few weeks at launch before I had enough money to purchase it! Please keep in mind, this was also on the Xbox 360 and right before I started streaming on Twitch. So, I had zero knowledge of anything,” Mav explained.

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Everyone has a start, no matter the form or fashion. Mav was able to find the solution necessary to play the video game she was most excited for. In her pre-Twitch days, like most streamers, it’s a different dynamic when the “start broadcast” button is hit. After following her on Twitter for months, there is no difference between people. The energy and enthusiasm are consistently at a premium. Much like her first experience with Destiny, Mav’s introduction to Twitch was also on the intriguing end.

There are those who look to stream to earn money. Then, you witness those who truly find solace in streaming video games or even in creative ways as well. It’s not hard to tell which side of the fence Mav is on.

“Honestly starting my Twitch channel was a joke at first. I had no intention of going anywhere with it especially in the way that things have been right now,” Mav said. “I am so very, very lucky for the most amazing community that is Twitch and the Mavicorns. I started my channel to have fun and trigger folks with a terribly unedited comedy blurb that is now TheMavShow.”

A Destiny Guardian with full Ornaments in the Wretched Eye Strike for the PS4 and Xbox One.
[Image by Activision / Bungie]

At this point, as Mav points out, Destiny begins and ends with the community. Often, actors and actresses who win awards thank the fans. Due to the viewers they attain, they’re able to get renewed and continue down the path of success. Destiny has that same process. Without the Destiny community and leaders like Mav showing the way, 2017 would be different for Bungie and its intellectual property.

“Yeah, this community is pretty amazing. My best friends to this day are those of the ‘Destiny’ community. Regardless of what happens in life, or what other games we play, we always stay close and support one another,” Mav said profoundly.

It’s not just her that is making an impact on people’s lives. Captain Twaz, a Destiny community and BombSquadKittens representative, has made strides to improve people’s graphical layout and at the same time, raise the sacred name of the community.

Guardian Con, which is an annual event ran by the Destiny faction, raised over $500,000 in 2016 is already on pace to reach the $1 million mark in 2017. Those are done by the people Mav is talking about, which also acts as a 24/7 support system. As she mentions, it’s a very rewarding feeling.

“It’s been the best feeling to support a great cause with such a great bunch of friends.”

In this article’s infancy, taking a closer look at The Mav Show’s streams were paramount. It took over a month, but near the end of the journey, it wasn’t complicated to find the underlining themes of each broadcast. With care and zero expectation, Mav appreciates every person who enters that Twitch URL. Her abundance of energy sets her apart in the process, which is a true testament to her character. Mav put her own spin to my analysis before I put mine to paper, and it matches.

“Yeah, I just can’t help but be happy on my show. Each and every person that stops by just makes me want to burst into fireworks,” she explained.

Destiny: Rise of Iron (PS4, Xbox One)
[Image via Activision / Bungie]

As 2016 comes to a close, the Destiny community can mark it down as a success. Rise of Iron was a huge success, and it’s only going to get better for gamers and streamers alike. There are two different ways to view what is to come.

Either a Destiny player can circulate around frustration and disappointment, or they can look at things with a “glass-half-full” mentality. The Mav Show chose the latter. In 2017, Bungie is expected to announce their sequel to Destiny. There are a lot of questions without answers, but one thing remains the same for Mav: she has one message for the community.

“In the next year, I just see a lot of the core community hanging out and coming up with fun, new ways to play the game, meeting some friends and sort of the ‘quiet before the storm’ before all the new things in the next few years. Regardless of the ups and downs, just play because it’s fun. [Are you] not having fun? Just come by and play with friends!”

[Featured Image by The Mav Show’s Twitch Channel (used with permission)]