‘Generation KKK’ Sparks Huge Controversy, A&E Facing Public Backlash For Promoting White Supremacy Lifestyle

Generation KKK is the newest docu-series from the A& E network. It chronicles several high-profile Ku Klux Klan families and a person who is desperate to leave the life behind. The network has hailed it as a look inside what it is like to be born into hate. Commercials have only been recently released gearing up for the January 10 premiere. With the release of the trailer and the commercials promoting the new series, there is a lot of backlash from the public. Both the network and the New York Times have been getting very negative feedback for “promoting” what people believe is hate.

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Over the course of eight weeks, viewers will get a look at what the KKK is about and what they are teaching the younger generations. Generation KKK will focus on the members of the families who want to leave, and it will be their stories that are told. This is a bold move by the A&E network, especially since there is a culture out there that would like to deny white supremacy is alive and well in today’s world. According to CBS News, Generation KKK is sparking controversy because many believe it will promote hate more than anything else. The thought is that curious people who are lost will zero in on the docu-series and want to become a part of a group like the Ku Klux Klan.

Going into the world of the Ku Klux Klan gives Generation KKK a unique spin on what could have been another boring docu-series about the organization and the mystery behind it. The A&E cameras were burrowed inside, watching and recording everything that was going on. Parts of the trailer indicate that some of the younger members are uncomfortable with the happenings in the organization and want to be able to leave it. The information expelled in the eight weeks will be enough to disgust anyone who was already upset the Klan exists. Being naïve is no longer an option as the facts are laid out on the table by the A&E producers who went and took part in the docu-series. While the KKK denies they are a white supremacy hate group, the footage will show otherwise.

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A&E is known for pushing the limits. Aside from the Generation KKK docu-series that will be debuting in January, the network is currently airing Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath. Two very high-profile issues in the country and A&E has decided to take them both head on. While there wasn’t much backlash for the Leah Remini series, there has been a lot of outcry about the KKK show. Twitter has been going crazy responding to both the network and the New York Times. It has caused a lot of upset and in doing so, the viewership for the premiere should be incredibly high.

Right now, the network is still planning to air Generation KKK despite the huge outcry to pull it. Many viewers are worried the exposed hate will reach people who are impressionable, causing more issues than awareness. The Ku Klux Klan has been described as a racist terrorist group, which raises several concerns. A&E knew what they were getting into when they began filming, but they had no idea how much outrage there would be over the show. Exposing the organization for what it truly is is something that is important to the people who participated and saving the ones who wanted out was something the producers felt compelled to do. Generation KKK will premiere January 10 and will run for eight weeks as the cameras follow some of the most high-profile KKK families in the organization.

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