Erika Girardi Calls Out Lisa Vanderpump For Invasive Act And ‘Thinly Veiled Insults,’ Dorit Kemsley For ‘Drama-Driven Topic’

It looks as if Erika Girardi, aka Erika Jayne, has decided to become more vocal about her The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars and what goes on in the show. While Erika stayed mostly polite and cordial with her blogs and social media posts during the airing of season 6, her first season on the show, she has made it clear that for this season, she’s not holding anything back. On Wednesday, Erika, in her blog post recapping the latest episode that aired on Tuesday night, went after both Lisa Vanderpump and Dorit Kemsley for their behavior towards her during Lisa’s pre-White Party get-together and Dorit’s discussion about her the next day with her husband.

Erika called out Lisa for her “snarky” remarks. Erika suggested that Lisa dishes out “thinly veiled insults” behind the guise of “British humor.”

“Lisa Vanderpump is talking about British humor again at the pre-White Party get-together. She often defends her snarky remarks as being ‘British humor,’ but she also describes this humor as being ‘way more aggressive.’ So, are you trying to be funny or aggressive? I love a good joke just as much as the next person, but this ‘humor’ often feels like thinly veiled insults.”

Erika also lashed out Lisa for sticking her hand up her dress to check whether she was really not wearing any underwear. Erika confessed that she found Lisa’s action “invasive.”

“I’m not really sure what motivated LVP to stick her hand up my dress. I found it invasive, and I did not appreciate it.”

As for newbie Dorit, Erika made it clear that she did not like how Dorit and her husband, PK, had a lengthy conversation about the fact that she didn’t wear underwear to the party the next day in their kitchen. Erika confessed that she couldn’t understand why Dorit and PK were seemingly so fascinated about it, pointing out that PK represents Boy George, a performer who pushes the envelope and is hardly conservative. Erika also confessed that she was confused as to whether Dorit and PK found her not wearing underwear offensive or understandable.

“Watching Dorit and PK talk about my ‘hoo-ha’ like they were devastated is strange to me. What, suddenly you’re conservative now? PK represents one of the most forward-thinking, gender-bending artists in music and Dorit herself says, ‘These things happen.’ So why is this such a topic of shock for them? On one hand you’re offended, and on the other hand you understand ‘these things happen’? Which is it?”

Erika suggested that Dorit kept talking about her not wearing underwear just to have something to talk about and perhaps give herself a story line. Erika called the discussion of her not wearing underwear a “drama-driven topic.”

“I can’t help but wonder what the motive behind this drama-driven topic is really about.”

Erika then outright lashed out at Dorit for talking about her so much, suggesting that perhaps Dorit’s own life isn’t so fulfilling as she makes it out to be.

“It’s interesting to me that a woman who’s so busy ‘doing it all,’ has two beautiful babies, a gorgeous home, and an obviously adoring husband is finding the time to dissect me and call me names. She doesn’t even know me. In my opinion, this says more about Dorit than it does about me.”

Erika, who defended her use of the word “c***t” last season, may have made her let her true feelings about Dorit crystal clear with the last line of her blog:

“See you next Tuesday…Erika.”

On Twitter, as The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills aired, Erika Girardi shared viewers’ tweets that criticized Dorit Kemsley. One tweet pointed out that Dorit’s husband seemed to totally love seeing Erika and her privates when he’s supposedly so in love with Dorit. Erika was perplexed by that as well.

Another tweet that Erika shared told Dorit to check in on her nannies taking care of her kids. “The shade….” Erika replied.

Erika has had friction with Lisa Vanderpump, who is good friends with Dorit, before. On season 6, Erika gave her opinion to then co-star, Kathryn Edwards, that Lisa’s a “sniper from the side,” which Lisa didn’t really appreciate. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Lisa later admitted in a blog that she was hurt when she heard what Erika said about her because she wanted to be friends.

On Tuesday, Lisa defended herself on social media by re-tweeting a viewer’s tweet that maintained that most of the time, the jokes that British people say really are just meant to be jokes rather than meant to be hurtful.

Dorit, meanwhile, maintained that she wasn’t purposefully going after Erika. In her own blog, Dorit stood by her comment regarding Erika’s personality.

“I really do like Erika, but I stand by my remark that she is often guarded. I personally haven’t felt much warmth from her, and she has a tendency to snap at both PK and I for no reason.”

In her confessional interview, Dorit said that Erika’s perhaps “snooty,” “cold” and “frigid” rather than introverted as she claims.


Dorit also maintained that she and PK were just joking around when they talked about how Erika had no underwear on the next day.

“We’ve all been there without underwear. It’s not that big of a deal, and PK and I have a good sense of humor about these things as you can see when we are joking about it the next day.”

On Twitter, in response to one viewer who said that she couldn’t wait until next week’s episode to watch Dorit give Erika some underwear, Dorit replied that it was meant for a laugh.

Dorit also re-tweeted a viewer’s tweet that proclaimed that Erika is a hypocrite.

Boy George, whom Dorit explained in the premiere episode practically lives with her and PK while in Beverly Hills and is managed by PK, spoke up to support Dorit. Boy George tweeted that watching her on the show reminds him of when he was the new girl at school.

A preview for next week’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode shows that “PantyGate” will continue. Dorit Kemsley tells Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson about how Erika Girardi, aka Erika Jayne, didn’t wear any underwear to Lisa Vanderpump’s party. Dorit says that especially with her husband sitting right in front of her, Erika should have crossed her legs closed instead of flashing herself. In another scene, Dorit presents Erika with some underwear as a present. Not surprisingly, Erika doesn’t seem too pleased with the present, giving Dorit a death stare upon opening the box and seeing what’s inside.

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