Soulja Boy Gun Charges: ‘Love And Hip Hop: Hollywood’ Star Gets Pending Case Against Him Dismissed

There’s a bit of good news coming out of the Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood camp: Soulja Boy’s gun charges have been dropped.

According to VladTV, the Soulja Boy gun charges were first brought against him after police were tipped off that he had a gun in his Hollywood Hills home. Possessing a gun is a violation of Soulja Boy’s probation, which began in 2014 after he pleaded no contest to “unlawfully carrying a firearm.” Although it isn’t clear who tipped the police off about Soulja Boy’s possession of a firearm that led to this recent arrest, VladTV is under the impression that it stemmed from his current beef with rapper Quavo, in which Soulja Boy threatened him with a diss track and a video that featured Soulja brandishing an AK-47.

Even worse, VladTV points out that Soulja Boy put a bounty out on Chicago rapper Rico Recklezz, wherein he promised $100,000 to the person who killed Rico. Soulja’s animosity towards Rico — and the subsequent bounty — stems from Rico’s diss track “No Talking,” wherein he calls out Soulja Boy by name.

“Soulja h– ass keep dissing Yachty, his b—h ass ain’t even got no bodies. Talking tough on Twitter, but his scary a– was scared to come to the lobby.”

While Soulja Boy later recanted the bounty — after people called him out for trying to carry out the hit — the damage to Soulja’s reputation had been done.

Now that the Soulja Boy gun charges have been dismissed, the rapper — born DeAndre Cortez Way — told Billboard Magazine that he would like to return to the music he’s been working so hard on.

“I am looking forward to focusing back on the music and new business for 2017.”

This latest arrest caps off a crazy year of beefs and struggles for the Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood star. In addition to the problems he’s had with Rico Recklezz and Quavo, Soulja has had problems with Migos and with Hollywood actor Shia LaBeouf. And while this all has caused some people to believe that Soulja Boy is very violent, still others see it as Soulja trying to drum up publicity for his new album, which will be released on December 25th (in case you need some last-minute gift ideas for the hip-hop fan in your life).

STEAL HIS LOOK – @souljaboy

— Fashionable KiIIas (@fashionkiIIas) December 17, 2016

That didn’t mean the Soulja Boy gun charges escaped the notice of some of hip hop’s biggest stars. According to SOHH, Meek Mill was the first one to take to Twitter to make fun of Soulja Boy when he was arrested.

And Meek Mill wasn’t the only one who poked fun at Soulja Boy. Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star Young Dro (aka Joseline’s possible baby daddy) and legendary rapper 50 Cent also got into the throwing shade game.

This prompted Soulja Boy to give a minute-by-minute update on how he was posting bail and getting released from prison, from the minute he got arrested until now.

Soulja also claimed that the reason he was arrested is because Quavo called the police on him, but there is no evidence to suggest that this is so.

What do you think about the Soulja Boy gun charges being dismissed? Leave your thoughts about the Soulja Boy gun charges, and if you’ll be buying his new album, in the comments below.

[Featured Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images]