Golfer Named Bronston Attempts Golf Swing Atop Frozen Ice, Falls In Lake, Gets Warm Shower [Video]

The following video is going viral everywhere, showing what can happen when a golfer decides to take a truly hazardous golf shot atop dangerous frozen waters. Apparently, the waters weren’t frozen enough to withstand the golfer’s body when he slipped and fell through the ice.

According to the Live Leak description, the incident happened when a group of buddies played golf during an annual golf tournament for the Christmas holidays, and the cold winter day found him falling through the ice.

“During an annual Christmas golf tournament among friends a friend of mine decided to hit the ball of the ice. It was a lovely, cold winter day. After my friend fell through the ice we quickly got him out of the water and rushed him home to get a warm shower.”

As reported by CBS News, the guy’s name is Bronston, but it’s not clear whether that’s the golfer’s first name or last name. What is clear is that Bronston could have died from drowning or hypothermia — or both — if he wasn’t removed from the frozen waters so swiftly and placed in a warm shower.

According to CBS Sports, the ice golfer’s friends laughed as they witnessed Bronston take the swing at the golf ball and then= fall through the ice. Although the golfer probably won’t try golfing on ice again ever in his life — unless he has some sort of death wish — notes that golfing on ice is an actual sport, so it wasn’t that farfetched for the man to try his hand at the sport. In the end, the man risked his life to try and hit a golf ball on the ice and didn’t even hit the golf ball before slipping and falling through the ice.

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The attempt at golfing on a frozen lake, as reported by Fox 32 Chicago, was displayed in a video that was originally posted to Instagram on Monday on the Golf Grinders account. However, as of Wednesday, that video was not on the Instagram account — a practice that is usually undertaken when a video goes viral and is then licensed to others online. The original video was titled “Golf on Instagram: Bronston is ‘ice cold’ when he’s under pressure…” and had gained more than 9,000 likes on Instagram before being deleted from the account.

However, the plight of the ice golfer is being used as a cautionary tale for folks to take caution when attempting to golf on a lake they think is frozen solid but actually isn’t frozen completely.

Reactions from those who’ve viewed the video of the frozen lake golfer can be read below, as republished from the comments section of social networking websites. Whereas most people write that the golfer had an insane idea to golf on a frozen lake, they probably don’t realize that others have turned ice-golfing into a true sport. However, the lesson to be learned involves making sure frozen lakes are really frozen before doing anything on them, whether it’s golfing, walking, ice fishing, or any sport that involves being atop frozen bodies of water.

“Technically speaking it was still a hole in one!”

“Ha ha what an icehole.”

“I hear he got deported to Sweden and he’s not even from there.”

“I guess he put down his phone to help him unlike most people :D.”

“I’m guessing you suck at golf.”

“Birdie – eagle – penguin.”

“Well something did go into a hole.”

“Play it as it lies.”

“A real ice breaker.”

“I hope he replaces his divot.”

“Another millennial not thinking of the worst possible outcome before taking the ill fated action.”

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