Barron Trump Eyed As Meme Among Celebs When Looking Back On 2016? [Opinion]

It looks like Barron Trump has become a celebrity in his own right after being eyed by the masses at only a couple of political events. Barron was awarded just a little boost of popularity for being the young son of one of the most controversial men ever to make his way to the top office of the land. Despite being Donald Trump's son, Barron's celebrity status is mostly his own doing.

There's already chatter online about Barron Trump, who along with people like Beyonce, Paul Ryan, Rihanna, Mark Zuckerberg, and of course his dad may just be noted as a meme for the year 2016. It's not too far a stretch to think that Barron might just show up in one of those "10 Years Ago" segments that will air a decade from now as they define the year 2016 for a new generation. The Inverse reminds their readers that the youngest child of the future President Trump has been a viral topic since first making his public debut as the young son of a Republican candidate for president.

The Trump Family Pose For A Photo
The Trump family gather for a photo, and while most 10-year-old kids want to be anywhere else but at an occasion that consists of speech after speech, like a political event, Barron behaves like a little gentleman while posing for photos. [Image by Richard Drew, File/AP Images]

Barron, who is only 10 years old, will be in the public eye as he grows up, much like the children of Barack and Michelle Obama. Unlike the Obama children, Barron Trump became the center of attention during the weeks that followed the night of the election when his father was awarded the votes to become the 45th president of the nation. At 10, his sleepy antics caught the eye of the masses, many of whom had enough of the speeches and saw Barron's struggle not to fall into a slumber as quite endearing.

Of course, much negativity was also spun into that election night, as it was during the Republican Convention when Barron first fought off sleep in the late-night hours as his father became the candidate for the Republican Party. Instead of a child who was tired and weary, some took to social media to suggest Barron's mannerisms were very much like those of a child who is autistic. After a storm of headlines that compared and debated Barron Trump's demeanor at both events, his mother Melania Trump squashed the rumors.

The people of Japan fell in love with the sleepy boy they saw on TV news, and when a well-known artist created a portrait in Barron's likeness, it went viral. Talks of making Barron the star of his own manga, a style of comic book, bubbled up as the people of Japan called him the "beautiful boy," reports Liberal America. Watching this young boy on their news in Japan, people labeled young Trump a "bishonen, or beautiful boy, a character whose 'delicate features' make his beauty transcend gender norms," writes Liberal America as they cited from the different reports making the headlines after the election.

The Telegraph reported that a manga was in the works and it was all about Barron. The cover for that publication is going to be the portrait created by the famous Japanese artist that had gone viral. This likeness of Barron showed a little boy with tears streaming down his face. The caption was made to be comical with Barron saying, "My loud annoying dad is president, the quiet unassuming life I wanted is completely over." The first chapter of that manga is reportedly titled as "Also my mother and my sister are too sexy."

Donald Trump with Melania and Barron as a toddler
Donald, Melania and Barron Trump in New York City on March 11, 2008. Barron looks quiet comfortable in mom's arms while posing for pictures. [Image by RD / MediaPunch/IPX/AP Images]

It looks like Barron made a hit globally in 2016, so will he join the ranks of memes for that year along with some of the big names of the day including his own dad, Donald Trump, along with Paul Ryan, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna? From the sounds of it, if Barron doesn't become one of the memes for 2016 in the U.S., he certainly has a good shot of it in Japan. They have a fan page for the 10-year-old on Twitter and Barron is a real hit.

Of course the rest of the Trump family will fall among the meme ranks as the year wanes down, but one very quiet member of the Trump family has also sparked online interest recently. That would be Barron's big sister, Tiffany Trump. Now that her dad has saturated the headlines for a good portion of the year, her pop single, "Like a Bird" from 2011 has bubbled up online, and according to reports, it is "much to the Internet's enjoyment."

[Featured Image by John Locher/AP Images]