Cindy Crawford Angry About Being Trolled On Social Media

Cindy Crawford is p**sed off about being trolled on social media. The supermodel certainly doesn’t like some reminders, like being told by people on Instagram that she doesn’t look gorgeous the way she did when she was 20 something.

Social media trolling can get under your skin if what the public seems to demand of you is out of your control. How can a 50-year-old Crawford be compared with a 20-or-30-year-old Crawford? The supermodel wonders why people can’t be kind to her and stop the comparisons and reminders.

“I don’t need everyone on Instagram pointing out that I don’t look the same way I did when I was 20. I know that,” Crawford recently told NewBeauty magazine.

Crawford features in the Winter-Spring 2017 issue of NewBeauty magazine. The supermodel is a mom of two.

Cindy Crawford is pissed off
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Despite having lost some of her sparkle during her heydays as a model in the 80s and 90s, Crawford is still confident in herself at 50. She told the magazine that her goal is to look great at 50 and maintain a great look even as her age advances, the Fox News reported. To achieve that goal, Crawford revealed that she is active in exercising. She also eats healthy and remains deliberately consciously about her skin care. Doing all those will not make her look 20 or 30 again, but will keep her looking great, because in she is proud of her achievement a supermodel for the decades she remained active in the fashion industry.

Cindy Crawford P**sed Off That Critics Are Unfair to Women

However, Crawford feels the public, or the critics on social media, are unfair to women. They seem to put too much pressure on women to do things that are undoable. Regardless of the age, which Crawford hints is just a number, her goal is to look great at whatever age. She looked great at age 20s and 30s and she wants to continue looking great at age 50 and beyond without being too hard on herself.

Crawford retired from modeling in February this year, according to an OK! report.

Cindy Crawford is pissed off of being trolled over social media
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While announcing her retirement from modeling, Crawford said she was done with the industry. She said that while photographers will continue to follow her, perhaps for the next more than 10 years, they will not be taking her pictures as a model anymore.

Crawford says she worked with incredible photographers while in the fashion industry. But she cannot keep reinventing herself to prove a point. That would put pressure on the supermodel and she is not prepared for that.

Crawford has been sharing throwback photos of her modeling days, including a recent one showing her lying nude in the snow.

Why Can’t People stop the Comparison?

Cindy Crawford is p**sed off that trolls on social media can’t stop comparing her with her former self. Time has moved but many people on the internet seem to be stuck in the past. Instead of focusing on her looks, Crawford wishes her fans, and the social media trolls could focus on her health.

With her latest outcry, Crawford joins several celebrities and other ordinary people who have complained about unfair social media criticism. For social media platforms like Twitter, online trolling can be costly. The company has been battling trolls on its platform, rolling out several tools that subscribers can use to block trolls. Twitter is also encouraging subscribers to report abuse. But Twitter has lost many users over trolling on the site, making it difficult for the company to grow its user base, which is crucial for attracting advertisers.

Though Cindy Crawford is p**sed off about being trolled on social media, she believes that would not distract her from focusing on looking and feel great no matter her age.

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