Mariah Carey Shows Off Cleavage And Bra Near Christmas Tree

Mariah Carey has certainly been in a festive mood lately, so much that she decided to give her fans an early Christmas present by showing off her iconic cleavage and bra while standing next to a Christmas tree.

Mariah posed while clad in a skimpy outfit despite the cold. She wore a red and black flannel top which in her usual fashion used it to pull off a very sexy pose. The busty star had unbuttoned the top almost all the way down and made the pose with one side of the top hanging down her right arm. This gave a good view of her cleavage and her colorful bra.

Mariah’s tantalizing cleavage was only half of the sexy nature of the photo because her thighs were also exposed. The red and black checked top concealed whatever she wore underneath, or perhaps she did not have anything underneath! Unfortunately, we will never know. Luckily she provided a chance to catch a glance at her sexy body which was in great shape.

The famous singer completed the look with a pair of black furry boots reaching halfway to her knees. She also didn’t forget to smile to assure her fans that she still has that wonderful smile that usually brings out her beauty. The photo was taken while she was standing next to a massive Christmas tree complete with decorations and spectacular lights. The tree was parked next to a wall inside a huge room with wood flooring.

Mariah Carey showing off cleavage and bra near Christmas tree
[Image Dennis Van Tine/AP Images]

“Getting into the Christmas spirit with this exquisite tree in a beautiful home for our family!” Carey captioned the photo.

The popular musician also added that the beautiful home was courtesy of Airbnb. She was not really at her home and it seems she had taken her family on a holiday getaway. The megastar will spend the Christmas holiday in at a luxurious mountain estate worth $22 million which is located in Aspen. The mansion has five bedrooms, five bathrooms, a fireplace, and a large open-plan lounge with high ceilings. The house overlooks the town and the beautiful surrounding mountains.

Other incredible features available include a ski-in-ski-out access as well as a sauna. It is also boasts of a lot of privacy and all the features make it an ideal location for Mariah who likes privacy. Mariah’s private life has been subject to probes following her split with fiancé James Packer. She did not let the breakup bring her down and she quickly moved on. There have been rumors that the superstar has been dating her backup dancer Bryan Tanaka not long after the breakup but the two were considered to be very close friends.

The rumors have been confirmed to be true, meaning Mariah is indeed dating Tanaka. Photos of Mariah alighting from a plane after arriving in Aspen also revealed Brian walking down the steps from the plane while carrying Mariah’s five-year-old daughter Monroe who appeared to be asleep at that time. According to E! News, Moroccan was also present in the flight. Carey was clad in a white fur coat to shield her from the cold, a pair of sunglasses and leather boots. Photos of their Airbnb rental also revealed the beautiful mansion well-lit with lights and ready to host the superstar for the holidays.

Mariah Carey showing off cleavage and bra near Christmas tree
[Image Charles Sykes/AP Images]

The fact that Tanaka accompanied Mariah to her holiday getaway means that Mariah’s former husband Nick Cannon will not be joining the family during this year’s holiday season. There had been rumors that the two would try to patch things up but those rumors were dispelled after Tanaka got into the picture. Mariah appeared happy in the photo in which she showed off her cleavage and bra, perhaps proving to the world that she has been having a great time.

[Featured Image by Dennis Van Tine/AP Images]