‘Attack on Titan’ Season 2 Release Date: First Official Trailer Set For Late December 2016 Reveal?

Attack on Titan Season 2 is coming in April of 2017, and fans of the massive franchise are more excited than ever. After more than three years, the epic saga of the Attack on Titan universe is finally getting another anime adaptation, and from what could be determined from the progression of the manga, the wait would definitely be worth it. There will probably be more good news for AoT fans, however, as the first official trailer for Attack on Titan Season 2 would most likely debut sometime over the next couple of weeks.

The development of Attack on Titan Season 2 has been very deliberate, with the production firms behind the anime seemingly taking extra care in ensuring that the integrity of the manga’s plot remains intact. Thus, the official updates about the anime’s release dates and its official trailers have been very scarce. Basing on what Wit Studio and Production I.G. followed for Attack on Titan Season 1, however, there is a good chance that the first official trailer for AoT Season 2 would be released very soon.

Attack on Titan Season 2 is set to debut in April of 2017, which is the same month that Season 1 debuted in. The first official trailer for AoT Season 1 was released on December 9, 2012, where it practically became viral due to its unique concept and gritty atmosphere. A similar schedule was followed by Wit Studio for another franchise, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, which also saw an April release date. Notably, Kabaneri aired its first official trailer in December of 2015. Considering that it is now already the second to the last week of December, however, it appears that the release of the first official trailer for Attack on Titan Season 2 is a bit delayed.

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Then again, anime production companies usually roll out official trailers for blockbuster titles on very strategic dates. Over the years, Attack on Titan has become one of the most iconic modern anime franchises in the industry. Thus, with its popularity and massive following in mind, it is possible that Wit Studio and Production I.G. are simply waiting for the best date to release the highly-anticipated anime’s first official trailer. The same thing already happened before, with A-1 Pictures opting to release the official trailer for Sword Art Online II on New Year’s Eve due to the franchise’s massive popularity.

Considering these factors, there is a good chance that the first official trailer for Attack on Titan Season 2 would be released on December 24, 25, 31, or anytime in between. Doing so would actually be a pretty good idea for AoT Season 2 since a reveal on Christmas Eve/Day or New Year’s Eve would be able to take full advantage of the increased number of viewers due to the usual holiday school break. While the specific release date for the anime’s official trailer remains unknown at this point, there is a very good chance that fans would not need to wait long before getting the first real glimpses of the upcoming series.

'Attack on Titan' boasts a well-rounded cast, each with a compelling backstory.
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Fans of the gritty franchise in the west could look forward to Attack on Titan Season 2’s release this coming April too, with Funimation COO and Executive Vice President Mike DuBoise stating that the distributor is looking forward to premiering the anime next year, according to Screen Rant. These sentiments were emphasized by Funimation founder and CEO Gen Fukunaga, who also expressed his excitement about the release of Attack on Titan Season 2.

Attack on Titan became an instant hit since it first streamed in 2013 and we are thrilled to bring fans the long-awaited Season 2 of the series. Attack on Titan is truly a worldwide phenomenon that has continued to grow at a nonstop pace. Fans can look forward to an exciting second season.”

The genuine release date for Attack on Titan Season 2 had been very elusive over the years. Since the first season ended, fans of the gritty franchise have clamored for a second season. With the anime being tied very closely to the manga, however, the progression of AoT Season 2’s development became very deliberate. Now that an official April 2017 release date has been set, fans could finally have a concrete date to mark on their calendars. Of course, the fact that the upcoming anime’s first official trailer would most likely be released soon is something to look forward to, as well. After all, if there is anything that the Attack on Titan franchise has managed to prove over the years, it is that when it asks fans to stick with a timetable, the results are usually well worth the wait.

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