Jodie Marsh In Bed With Keith Lemon For Naked Interview

Jodie Marsh had a one of a kind interview with Keith Lemon, not because of the subject of their interview but because it happened while the two were in bed while naked.

Marsh and Lemon shared a few photos in which they were both in bed together but not for the business that most people imagine. The photos were part of a lengthy interview in which the setting was structured such that the two had to be naked and in bed together. Sharing a bed while naked was just part of the setting to spice things up a bit. Of course, a discussion between two naked people in bed together is bound to be exciting to the audience.

The two sat in bed having an interesting talk with Jodie covering herself up to her chest to conceal her sizable boobs. She rocked a cream and pink colored hairdo and left her arms uncovered, thus revealing her impressive tattoos. Despite covering up her dignity, she still gave the camera a satisfying look at her well-endowed cleavage.

Jodie Marsh naked in bed with Keith Lemon
[Image by Simon Burchell/Getty Images]

Keith wore a gray hat, a black wristband, and he showed off his ginger beard and unlike his companion, he left his chest exposed, revealing some chest hair. Keith seemed rather relaxed while Jodie appeared quite excited. She showed her white dental formula as she laughed and smiled courtesy of the fun that she was having during the interview. The 37-year-old conducted the interview for her YouTube channel.

“We all need some laughter in our lives,” Jodie captioned on one of her photo posts about the interview on Instagram.

The pair sat on a king size bed with a pink and white duvet being the only thing covering their nakedness. The photos of the interview received an overwhelming response from fans while most of them congratulated Lemon. They felt that he was very lucky to share a bed with the beautiful bodybuilder.

Jodie Marsh naked in bed with Keith Lemon
[Image Joel Ryan/AP Images]

“I’d love to swap places with him, nice way to snuggle up and cuddle,” one follower commented on Instagram.

Jodie seems to like her pink hairstyle so much but just as well because it seems to blend in so well with the holiday season. Speaking of holidays, the 37-year-old happens to be a big fan of the Christmas holiday and the cheer associated with it. She recently posted an Instagram photo of herself dressed as a pink elf with a lot of glitter on her shoes and face. She even completed the look with elf-ears popping out of her pink hair and her pink dress also flashed her magnificent cleavage. Quite a beautiful elf she was, in the photo.

She shared the photo about a week ago and it was taken at her home. She appeared to be opening a wrapped present and behind her was a Christmas tree with lots of colorful decorations. The ex-glamour model also shared another photo of her decorated home and this time the camera was angled in such a way that it captured her Livingroom in including a different Christmas tree with lights on it. She clearly spared no expenses on the decorations as evident in the Instagram posts.

Another Instagram photo posted by Jodie gave an up-close look at the many decorations that she put on one of her Christmas trees. Despite the unfortunate turn that her relationship life took this year following the divorce with her husband James Placido, she did not want anything to bring her down and has been eager to celebrate the holidays. She, however, admitted that the divorce was emotionally draining. Nevertheless, Marsh appeared quite happy in her naked interview in bed with Keith Lemon.