‘Doctor Who’ Christmas Special 2016: Season 10 Episode 1 – Everything You Need To Know

Doctor Who will skip 2016, with its next full season releasing in Spring 2017. However, fans of the British sci-fi drama will still be able to catch their Christmas glimpse of the Doctor this year, with Season 10’s first episode being shown on Christmas day. When that Christmas special releases, it’ll have been 365 days since the Doctor was last on our screens, so what do we know so far about the first episode of Doctor Who Season 10? In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know.

When will the Doctor Who Christmas special be aired?

According to BT, British fans will be the first to watch the new episode of Doctor Who, which is titled “The Return of Doctor Mysterio.” The Christmas special will be aired at 5:45 p.m. on BBC One in the United Kingdom, however, fans of Doctor Who across the globe will have to wait a little longer.

Cinema screenings will first be held in Australia and New Zealand on December 26, followed by Canada on December 26 and 28, whilst viewers in the US will have to wait until December 27 and 29 when the episode is shown in cinemas. As is stands, there’s still no confirmation as to whether the new episode will also be shown on BBC America, alongside those cinema airings. However, the BBC has announced plans to release the episode on DVD in late January, meaning everybody will be able to watch the episode before too long.

What do we know about the story?

As aforementioned, this will be the first new episode of Doctor Who in over a year. With that in mind, showrunner Steven Moffatt will pick up exactly where he left off in the last season. According to the Radio Times, the hour-long episode will pick up the story with the Doctor and his wife River Song, after they spent an evening together on Darillium.

This year’s story will consist of a bit of backtracking, however. Before he spent the evening with River Song, the Doctor mistakingly gave superhero powers to a child. But with evenings in Darillium lasting for 24 years, the Doctor returns to find that child now grown by 24 years and working as a masked vigilante in New York City, known as The Ghost. The Christmas special will apparently follow the story of the Doctor, The Ghost, and a reporter called Lucy as they are caught up in a battle to defeat an alien group.


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Who will be joining Peter Capaldi in the Christmas special?

It’s safe to assume that Peter Capaldi will be reprising his role as the Doctor in the show’s Christmas special. But which other cast members will be joining him? Fans of last year’s Christmas special will be pleased to hear that Little Britain star Matt Lucas will return for his second consecutive Doctor Who Christmas special, reprising his role as Nardole.

Canadian actor Justin Chatwin, who is best known for his roles in Taken, Lost, and Shameless has been cast to play the role of The Ghost, whilst Charity Wakefield, best known for her role in Wolf Hall will take the role of Lucy the reporter. That being said, Pearl Mackie who was confirmed earlier this year as the Doctor’s new companion won’t make an appearance in the Christmas special. With that in mind, it’s likely that Moffatt will introduce the Doctor and Mackie’s characters when the new full season airs next year.

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