‘Super Mario Run’ Android Download: Release Date, Price And More For Nintendo’s Endless Runner On Android

It’s been a little over a week since Nintendo released its first proper mobile game; Super Mario Run on Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices. However, there’s still one big question on the lips of many Nintendo fans – when will Super Mario Run be available to download on Android? Considering the title was originally announced by Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto at Apple’s iPhone event, it was always a given that the title would be available to play first on iOS devices, but exactly how long will Android users have to wait?

Will there be an Android version?

According to Forbes, Nintendo has already confirmed that they do intend to release an Android version of Super Mario Run. With that in mind, it appears that Nintendo is playing its cards pretty close to its chest when it comes to the Android version of Super Mario Run.

Nintendo’s decision to release Super Mario Run on Apple’s ecosystem before Google’s Android isn’t all that much surprising, however. For a start, Nintendo is an incredibly careful company and has in the past, only released software on its own hardware. iOS’ closed ecosystem is a lot closer to Nintendo’s than Android is in that respect. What’s more, the limited number of iOS devices available on the market gives Nintendo a more narrow scope of devices to develop their game, whilst also allowing for greater protection against piracy.

When will the Android version be released?

The news that an Android version is coming is good news for fans of Nintendo, however, exactly when remains to be seen. When Nintendo unveiled Super Mario Run at Apple’s iPhone event in September, the two companies assured that Super Mario Run would be iOS exclusive for now at least. With that in mind, it’s pretty safe to assume that Super Mario Run won’t be available to Android users before the end of the year, or even within the first quarter of 2017.

Android is an altogether more difficult platform to develop for in comparison to iOS. That’s because, unlike iOS, there’s a pretty much unlimited variety of Android devices on the market, making it a lot more difficult for Nintendo to ensure the quality they’re known for. Plus, Nintendo isn’t known for being a timely company.


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How much will the Android version cost?

According to the Chicago Tribune, Nintendo has attracted a good deal of criticism for its pricing with Super Mario Run. The game is currently free to download and play from Apple’s App Store, however, when players reach a certain level, they’ll need to make a one-off payment of $9.99 in the US, AU$14.99 in Australia, and £7.99 in the UK to play all six worlds. Whilst that price means Nintendo’s mobile game doesn’t include any adverts of in-app purchases, it’s still received criticism for being too high.

Nintendo largely isn’t expected to alter the pricing of Super Mario Run before the game releases on Android. However, considering Android users typically spend less on apps than iOS users, Nintendo may need to rethink their strategy with Super Mario Run ahead of the game’s Android release. That being said, Nintendo is well known for being a pretty stubborn company, suggesting that they’ll most likely keep the price of their Android version in line with that on iOS, no matter the consequences.

Super Mario Run is available to download and play on Apple’s iPhone and iPad right now, with an Android version expected to release in 2017.

[Featured Image by Nintendo]