‘The Flash’ Season 3: Episode 10 Promo, Release Date And Meet Gypsy

The Flash Season 3 is on it’s midseason break and Episode 10’s release date is January 24, 2017. The episode is titled “Borrowing Problems From the Future,” which may be a reference to Savitar’s chilling prophecy in the last episode.

The Flash cast Sleepy Hollow actress Jessica Camacho to play Gypsy, who TVLine describes as:

“Tenacious and tough-as-nails, Gypsy is an inter-dimensional bounty hunter on a mission to apprehend a wanted fugitive. The metahuman law dog will stop at nothing to hunt down her quarry and bring them to justice.”

Gypsy will help Cisco develop his Vibe abilities in Season 3, which suggest that we may get a lot more of Cisco on the field instead of inside S.T.A.R. Labs. In Episode 9 of The Flash (spoilers), Barry managed to get rid of Savitar with the help of Jay Garrick. However, a look into the future reveals that Savitar managed to escape but also Iris is killed. Garrick assures Barry that the future is not written in stone but many fans expect some version of that future to come into reality.

Barry saw the near future as he went five months ahead of time. Therefore, Savitar makes his way out of the speed force within months and the team will have to find a way of destroying him for good. Episode 9 also teased Kid Flash as Wally got his uniform at the end of the episode.

A promo of The Flash Episode 10 reveals some of what to expect in the upcoming episode.

The clip shows Barry and Wally having returned to S.T.A.R. Labs from capturing Plunder and sending him to Iron Heights. The Kid Flash gains high praise from the team while Barry looks disappointed and blast Wally for not just observing and learning. Joe tells Barry to calm down because Wally saved his life during the mission. However, Barry throws a fit and threatens to stop taking him on missions. H.R reminds everyone about an event, which temporarily breaks up the heated exchange.

So what can we take from The Flash Episode 10 promo? It has been previously suggested that Wally has more potential than Barry, so there may be a bit of jealousy going on there. Also, Plunder is mentioned in the future where Iris dies; therefore, it could be a sign that the future Barry saw may be coming true so far.

The co-showrunner Aaron Helbing talked about Savitar’s prophecy and how we can expect Barry to react, according to TVLine.

“Obviously Barry loves Iris more than anything,” Helbing stated “and now that he has gotten a glimpse of the future, the thrust of the back half of the season is Barry trying to do whatever it takes to save her”

The publication also reports that “Helbing warns not to assume that Iris’ death and Barry’s subsequent suffering account for two of Savitar’s three prophecies. The future is malleable,” the EP notes. “Anything can happen.”

Barry and Iris just moved in together and it looks like there is still hope for the two lovebirds. Some fans expect that some version of Savitar’s prophecy will come true and someone else will die in Irish place.
Teddy Sears, who played Zoom in Season 2, has teased the return of Black Flash, according to Comic Book.

“Zoom has been transformed into Black Flash, who has quite a place in the mythology of The Flash. He’s like the grim reaper for speedsters. Andrew Kreisberg, the head writer and EP, has talked about their interest in having a Black Flash return at some point in the series.”

Black Flash is indeed the grim reaper for speedsters in the comics. He returns them to the speed force and some speedsters with a near death experience have seen him. Black Flash is a menacing character and will make a nice addition to The Flash Season 3.

Are you looking forward to The Flash return next year?

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