March 15, 2017
Hailey Baldwin Says Social Media Makes Her Feel 'Depressed And Anxious'

Hailey Baldwin may have come from a family of famous actors and models, but she has risen to develop her own brand as an influential trendsetter and model, yet Ms. Baldwin, the daughter of actor Stephen and graphic designer Kennya, isn't entirely comfortable with her celebrity status. Hailey shares that social media and the attention she gets online -both good and bad- has affected her more deeply than anyone might guess. Hailey often feels depressed and anxious, describing why she feels those conditions are worsened by her exposure to social media.

Hailey Baldwin Blames Social Media For An Increase In Mental Illness

Hailey Baldwin, social media
Hailey Baldwin says social media is to blame for her sour feelings. [Image by Charley Gallay/Getty Images]

J-14 reports that Hailey opened up in a recent interview about her sudden and unannounced break from social media, a move that Ms. Baldwin says has had more to do with the behavior of others than with anything in her personal life. Like many celebrities, Baldwin has been exposed to a rise in criticism from social media warriors seeking to make a name for themselves, though seemingly not aware that their snarky comments can cut deep. For Hailey, the hurt she suffered from internet bullies was harsh enough that it left real psychological scars.

Ms. Baldwin recounts feeling "depressed and anxious" by her online encounters, yet she was trapped, because her modeling duties required her to maintain an online presence. While offline, Hailey says she had a zest for life and was mostly very happy, but, once it came time to log in, the model says she felt her spirit darkening.

"It definitely does something to the soul. There are times when I feel depressed or anxious and a big part of it comes from that," says Ms. Baldwin.

"If we didn't have social media, we'd have a weight lifted off our shoulders."
Hailey adds that her content is almost completely work related and even her more risqué images are professional endeavors and not representative of who she is in her personal life. The model adds that she wishes her followers would understand the difference.

Ms. Baldwin also criticized other actors and models who claim to not care what the public is saying about them. Hailey openly admits that it does affect her and suggests any celebrity who claims not to care is either lying to the public or just fooling themselves.

Justin Bieber's Hate Was Transferred To Hailey

Hailey Baldwin, Justin Bieber
Hailey Baldwin says her former relationship with Justin Bieber first introduced her to online hate. [Image by John Sciulli/Getty Images]

For 20-year-old Hailey, the hate began early on. She says the news that she was dating Justin Bieber drew her into the public arena before her modeling career had even had the chance to take off. The cyberbullying and hate directed at Baldwin had nothing to do with her personally, but she says it still hurt her feelings.

"People don't always give me a chance. It's weird, when you're younger, to be told by adults that they don't like you," Ms. Baldwin told The Times.

"I used to wonder why these grown-ups were hating on a 17-year-old."
While Hailey Baldwin may have to contend with the occasional internet troll, her personality and her exposure as a fashion model has earned her an impressive following of more than 9.5 million on Instagram alone. She recently graced the cover of The Hollywood Reporter with her cousin, Ireland Basinger-Baldwin, who is also a model.

Hailey shared a video of that photo shoot.

"It's not weird cause we're cousins," Baldwin captioned the video.

While Hailey may feel unwelcome on social media, she enjoys a healthy lifestyle away from the computer and has found exciting new friendships with Gigi Hadid and her sister, Bella Hadid. Ms. Baldwin may just connect with her followers in rare circumstances from now on, but those moments will be treasured by Hailey's true fans and, with time, Hailey Baldwin may learn to give her critics all of the attention they are due.

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]