Katie Price Takes Off Top And Walks Around In Underwear In A Club’s Toilet

Katie price became the center of attention for all the wrong reasons on Monday night after she decided to remove her top and walk around only in underwear in a club’s toilet.

Katie was reportedly at the club because she had been paid $13,000 to make an appearance. Unfortunately, she ended up drinking too much, thus causing her to go on a rant which peaked when she decided to go topless in the women’s restroom at the club. According to reports, Price walked around in a black thong and a pair of boots at the club’s restroom.

Price flaunted her recently enhanced breasts and reportedly encouraged those visiting the bathroom to have a feel. Her unfortunate meltdown happened after she had caused drama on stage at the club where she had been paid to appear for a Christmas party. She cursed at the crowd and used vulgar language before she was whisked off the stage by a man in a tuxedo, presumably one of the managers.

“Thank you Katie Price,” the man said before taking Price back to her seat and then returning to the stage to try to keep the party going.

Katie was accompanied to the EnergySavers Christmas party by her ex Dane Bowers. The two reportedly arrived together in a Rolls Royce and they appeared to be quite close. Her husband Kieran Hayler was notably not present at the party. It is not clear whether she still has feelings for Bowers. She confessed a year ago during her brief appearance on Celebrity Big Brother that she had been obsessed with him. She also revealed that she was really heartbroken when they broke up years ago and that she even tried to win him back. Katie even revealed that she went to the extent of overdosing on medication so that she could get his attention.

Katie Price takes her top off
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Their break up in 2000 came after she accused Dane of having a thing with Victoria Beckham. Judging by her recent rant, Price has never gotten over the breakup and perhaps still has some emotional attachment to Dane.

The mother of five was clad in a short black dress reaching her thighs and a brown belt with a golden buckle around her waist. She complemented the dress with a shiny handbag and a pair of black thigh-high boots. She appeared calm at the beginning of the event, seemingly oblivious of how her evening would turn out.

“Can I just say something, my ex-boyfriend actually got me the job tonight – Dane Bowers – the love of my life,” Price told the audience while on stage.

Katie Price takes her top off
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She also promised that she would sing for them but she was removed from the stage after it was clear that she was intoxicated following a series of insults at the audience. Katie was also accused of trying to get too close to the manager, and rumor has it that she also confronted the manager’s wife about wanting to sleep with him. This was before she ended up in the bathroom where she caused some more drama by stripping down to her thong.

One of the female revelers took a video clip of Price as she pulled her naked stunt in the bathroom while clearly too intoxicated. According to reports, the managing director has demanded a full refund of the $13,000 offered to the female celebrity for her appearance on account of her unacceptable behavior at the party.

Price walking around the club’s restroom topless and only in underwear is definitely one way to end the year but she will most likely have trouble recovering from that.