Amy Winehouse Impromptu Performance at London Jazz Club Turns Ugly

Amy Winehouse turned up on stage at the Jazz After Dark club in central London last night and sang a handful of songs to the delight of patrons, but upon leaving the venue, got into a heated scuffle with people outside.

Winehouse showed up at the club, hand in hand with a new mystery-man and apparently gave a great performance. But as she was leaving the club, an argument broke out. Winehouse was photographed yelling at someone outside and had to be restrained by her security staff and forced into her car while baring her teeth furiously.

Amy Winehouse has been having a rough time trying to make a comeback on the music scene. Before returning to the U.K. after an extended vacation in St. Lucia, Amy had a go at performing but was so intoxicated she was slurring her words, messing up on the song lyrics and was eventually booed off stage by concert-goers.

Source: DailyMail.