‘The 100’ Finally Comes To Funko POP! 6 Characters Confirmed As Dolls

The 100 is finally being Funko POP’d. That’s right. The team behind the cute and popular fandom dolls is finally creating six of the most sought after characters in the dystopian CW show.

Hypable shares that the six The 100 characters will be Clarke, Lexa, Raven, Octavia, Bellamy, and Lincoln. It is rather obvious when looking at the characters, although there will be plenty of fans wishing that Kane, Abby, and Jasper were on the list. Let’s not also forget about Monty and Murphy.

It seems a good start with the first six characters. While there will be many after Clarke, it is likely that Lexa will be one of the first Funko dolls to sell out. The 100 Season 3 saw fans outraged due to the way that Lexa’s character was handled. Fans may have known that Alycia Debnam-Carey was going to leave the show, but they didn’t expect it to happen the way that it did.

The decision by the writers was so bad that fans accused The 100 of joining the “Bury Your Gays” trope. Jason Rothenberg hadn’t helped matters by taking to Twitter just before Lexa’s exit to make a point about how excellent it was to see Lexa and Clarke together without prejudice. There were no questions from other characters when it turned out that Lexa and Clarke were a lesbian couple. The dystopian future was without prejudice or sexual expectations.

However, Lexa was killed by a stray bullet meant for main character Clarke just a week later. LGBT fans were outraged at the decision. Many call for her return and started boycotting the show, so it is likely that they will go for the Lexa POP doll as soon as it hits the shelves.

Many fans will also want Lincoln, who was written out of The 100 in Season 3. He was killed off by Pike after taking the blame for the escape of a number of prisoners. Poor Octavia had to watch from a distance as he was executed for his “crimes,” mainly because he was a Grounder. There was a behind-the-scenes story to this exit, which made more fans angry at executive producer Rothenberg.

There isn’t any word on when the six chosen The 100 characters will be transformed into Funko dolls. There also isn’t any word on the actual character representations that will be used. Clarke and Octavia especially have been through major changes throughout the show. Bellamy and Lincoln have also been through some, while Lexa and Raven’s physical changes have been somewhat minor compared to others. Will Funko opt for The 100 Season 1 characters as the initial dolls or the most recent character representations? fans have previously made custom The 100 dolls, so will they be used as the basis for the official ones?

The announcement about The 100 dolls was made at the same time as the announcement that there would also be LOST figures created. Jack, Sawyer, and Kate will be three out of seven characters from the iconic and confusing time travel/mystery show transformed into dolls. South Park will also see some figurines, including Cartman Piggy, Kyle, and Ike.

Funko has become a major brand for fandoms, with shows like Supernatural, Arrow, and The Flash all turned into the POP figures. They are notable with their small bodies and large heads, yet still being weighted just right to stand on their own. When the Supernatural figures came out, Dean, Sam, and Castiel were created and Crowley was left without a doll creation. Mark Sheppard decided to make his own version for the San Diego Comic-Con as a way to make up for the shortfall, but the character has since been added.

There is hope that other The 100 Funko dolls will be created. The brand will want to see how the first six fair to determine whether more—and whether different versions of the characters—will be worth creating.

[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]