Travis Kelce, Maya Benberry Split: ‘Catching Kelce’ Couple Calls It Quits, Winner Confirms

Travis Kelce picked Maya Benberry on the E! Network show Catching Kelce, but now it has been confirmed that the two have split. Travis’ choice to pick Maya was quite the controversial one and while they were together for a while, fans of the series have wondered since the finale if they truly had remained together. While details are a bit sparse, Benberry has taken to her social media pages to note that she is now single again.

Heading into the debut of Catching Kelce, Kansas City Chiefs pro football player Travis Kelce said that he was still with his pick and that they were very happy together. He had noted that they were not yet at the point of talking about moving in together, getting engaged, or planning a wedding, but he indicated that their relationship was going well. Travis and Maya Benberry had to keep their relationship under wraps for quite a few months, a challenging task for any reality television couple. Despite all of that, heading into the finale, the couple was said to still be happy and together.

Kansas City Chiefs pro football player Travis Kelce is single again [Image by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]

As soon as it was revealed that Benberry was Kelce’s pick, things erupted on social media. Maya has said that she did not like how the show edited her and she received a great deal of backlash on social media, including a lot of racist commentary. Despite all of that, as well as the challenge they faced with the distance factor considering that he’s in Missouri and she’s in California, it sounded as if the two were still together and working on keeping their relationship private.

Now, however, Benberry confirms that she and the Catching Kelce star have split. Maya posted on her social media pages that she is now single, but she says that Travis is still her best friend and will always be a part of her life. She adds, however, that he’s not looking for a new relationship yet, so other women shouldn’t even try. On Twitter, Maya noted that she had an amazing relationship with Travis and reiterated that they are friends for life despite the split.

What does the Catching Kelce star himself have to say about the split? At this point, Travis has not taken to his social media pages to address the split. While he did do some promotional posts of the show before and as it aired, he has not posted anything regarding updates since the finale. After the last episode he did put up one tweet of a GIF showing him with Maya and noted that it was for all of the haters, and he hasn’t referenced his relationship or the show since then.

Fans of Catching Kelce would love to have some better insight into what happened in the relationship that led to the split and when it truly ended, but it doesn’t look as if Travis and Maya will be sharing much in the way of specifics. Benberry’s critics have questioned for a while now whether the two even were still together, and there was never any fun, sweet banter between the two on social media as is fairly typical in the land of reality television romances.

At least in terms of what they shared on their pages, Maya and Travis haven’t spent time together in a while. Although she was slated to attend a recent Chiefs game, the Catching Kelce winner canceled at the last minute due to what she said was a business obligation. Fans kept rooting for them, though, and confirmation of the split is hitting “Kelberry” fans hard.

Are you surprised to hear that Travis Kelce and Maya Benberry have split? Did you think that the Catching Kelce duo had a shot at making it or did you expect to hear news of a break-up at some point?

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