Joseline Hernandez Provides Proof That She Is Drug Free But Stevie J Doesn’t Believe Her

Joseline Hernandez is insisting that she has remained drug-free during her pregnancy but Stevie J just isn’t buying it. After Stevie filed paperwork requesting a psychological evaluation and a drug test for his former Love & Hip Hop Atlanta fake wife, she responded by showing the results of various drug tests. That isn’t good enough for Stevie though, who isn’t backing down from his legal requests regarding their unborn daughter.

According to TMZ, Joseline tested negative for cocaine, amphetamines, and marijuana and she even has a note from her doctor that says she has been healthy throughout her pregnancy. Her recent filing, along with the drug test results, are in response to Stevie J’s previous filing where he asked that the Puerto Rican princess be drug tested and that their daughter Bonnie Bella also be drug tested as soon as she is born.

Joseline claims that she has not used drugs during her pregnancy and that Stevie J is just trying to embarrass her. She also claims that Stevie wrote her a $5,000 check to help cover her pregnancy-related medical costs but that check bounced.

Stevie J reportedly still doesn’t believe Joseline has remained drug-free throughout her pregnancy. He isn’t satisfied with her drug tests and said they are invalid because they weren’t administered by a medical professional. It wouldn’t be too surprising if both Joseline and the baby are drug tested at the hospital at the time of birth.

Joseline Hernandez is due to give birth on January 9 and as her due date gets closer, the tension between herself and Stevie J is getting worse. Stevie wants to be in the delivery room when his baby girl is born but given the problems between the former Love & Hip Hop Atlanta couple, that may not happen if Joseline insists that he stay away. After the baby is born, Stevie says he wants

After the baby is born, Stevie says he wants custody because he believes that Joseline is unfit to parent baby Bonnie Bella. He has also made it clear that he thinks Joseline will try to keep their daughter away from him, causing parental alienation. Stevie submitted proof to back up his belief in the form of a text message from Joseline where she literally told him that he would never see or know his child.

Over the summer when Joseline was alleging that Stevie J molested his daughter Eva, she said back then that she wasn’t going to allow Stevie around their child. Given the amount of evidence that Joseline has threatened to keep Stevie away from the baby, it would be hard for the court to ignore.

On top of the back and forth between Joseline and Stevie J, recently other family members have wandered into the drama too. After Joseline reportedly attacked Stevie after their filmed get together just weeks ago, Stevie’s daughter Savannah threatened to beat her former fake stepmother to pieces if they were to cross paths. In response to Savannah, both Joseline’s brother and her niece said they would fight for Joseline’s honor. Mimi got in on the mess when she said that despite Stevie being the father of Joseline’s baby, she would not allow their daughter Eva to be around Joseline or baby Bonnie Bella.

Much of this drama between Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez can be expected to play out on VH1. There are reports that cameras have been following Joseline to provide footage for her upcoming birth special. Not to mention that there are also rumors that some of it might also end up on Season 6 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

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