‘Dance Moms’ Cancellation News: Future Of Series Reportedly Up In The Air As Abby Lee Miller Hints At It Being Over

Dance Moms cancellation rumors continue to swirl as Season 7 airs on Lifetime. Nobody with the show has confirmed that the series is ending for good, but instructor Abby Lee Miller got people buzzing over the idea and others with the show have indicated that things are, at the very least, very up in the air. What’s the latest?

As was previously reported by the Inquisitr, some Instagram posts by Abby Lee Miller got people talking about what seemed to be a Dance Moms cancellation. After a recent competition with the core Abby Lee Dance Company gals, Miller posted a video on Instagram and noted that she has spent five years and seven seasons doing her best for Lifetime. She noted that she was grateful for the lessons and opportunities she experienced and she ended the post with a hashtag of “ALDC Always.”

Abby’s post most definitely seemed like a farewell to the series and it definitely did the job to get people buzzing. More than 1,200 of Miller’s followers commented, many with notes worrying about whether the verbiage was a sign of a Dance Moms cancellation, and more than 900,000 followers “liked” the post.

At the very least, it does seem that Season 7 will be much shorter than viewers have been accustomed to seeing, as Kalani Hilliker and some of the other gals posted to Instagram about how Season 7 was a wrap with this latest competition. All of the seasons except the first had more than 30 episodes a piece, but it sounds as if fans may far fewer new shows this time around.

'Dance Moms' star Kalani Hilliker mentions filming wrap amid cancellation rumors
Kalani Hillker of 'Dance Moms' notes filming completion via Instagram [Image by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Miss Me]

The crew was reportedly back in Pittsburgh for the end of Season 7, and the buzz is that there will only be 13 episodes in this current season, rather than an extended run of shows that has typically been broken into essentially two mini-seasons. Luckily, it seems that a full Dance Moms cancellation is not necessarily the case quite yet. Brynn Rumfallo’s mom Ashlee shared with Radar Online that things are currently up in the air.

“There has not been a definite cancellation. They’re waiting on a few things and deciding how and what they’re going to do. No one knows.”

One of the things that production might be waiting on is Abby Lee Miller’s sentencing in her fraud case. After numerous delays and a plea deal, Miller faces sentencing on January 20. She initially faced up to five years in jail and $5 million in fines for the case that included 20 counts of fraud related to her bankruptcy case and an issue with not properly reporting an international money transaction. It is not known what her sentence will be, but even with the plea, she could face up to 30 months behind bars.

Would the series go on without Abby? It is too early to know for certain, but it sounds likely that production is considering that possibility. Viewers will have to stay tuned to hear more, but it sounds as if the way the Season 7 finale was done, it could stand as a series finale as well if Lifetime issues a Dance Moms cancellation.

Will Chloe Lukasiak return for the Season 7 finale of 'Dance Moms'?
Former 'Dance Moms' star Chloe Lukasiak is rumored to be back for an appearance soon [Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

If indeed the last filmed episode ends up serving as a series finale, Dance Moms spoilers tease that there could be a very buzzworthy appearance incorporated. The “Maddie Z Update” and “Dance Mom Official Spoilers” Instagram accounts have shared that Chloe Lukasiak and her mom Christi were spotted at that last competition.

Chloe and Christi were apparently rather hidden away, and rumors detail that Chloe will be involved in that last show in some way. If indeed this is true, it is a development that her fans will love given the lack of closure everybody got with the departure of the Lukasiaks several seasons ago.

Is Season 7 going to be the end of the Abby Lee Miller show or is there a way for things to continue even if she ends up with a stint in jail? Everybody will have to stay tuned for more clarification on the Dance Moms cancellation rumors as the rest of the current episodes air Tuesday nights on Lifetime.

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