Rita Ora Talks Body Confidence And Her Racy Lingerie Photo Shoot

Rita Ora is known more for her racy photo shoots since she’s the face of Italian underwear label Tezenis. The “Body On Me” singer is now opening up about what it’s like to be the face of a lingerie brand and why she struggled with body confidence issues in the past.

Singer Rita Ora has turned down previous lingerie ad campaigns and fashion opportunities because she doesn’t think she has the right body to model a line of bras and underwear. The British entertainer is currently promoting her new capsule collection with Tezenis, and the collaboration means a lot to Ora since it helped her overcome the body confidence issues she faced before working on the project, reports Stuff.co.nz.

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“I’ve had a lot of offers to do lingerie lines with a bunch of different designers, massive ones, and I never really wanted to do it, because I never felt like my body was appropriate,” she recently told Marie Claire UK. “It’s not the typical model’s physique. Then I said to myself, ‘You know what? That’s one of the reasons I should do it.’ Tezenis has never collaborated with anyone before and I love to build with a brand and create a story.”

Rita says that her favorite bra from her new collection is the Velvet Kiss bra, but she won’t be wearing anything too revealing from the brand despite her sexy image.

“I’m not a thong fan,” she admitted. “I wear them when I need to, but I’m very much more of a sexy brief or boxers type of girl (and) I like bikini bras.”

rita ora newfound body confidence
Rita Ora has newfound body confidence since posing for Tezenis. [Image by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for VH1]

Ora also admitted that she loves to wear shapewear or pantyhose on the red carpet when she needs to look slim underneath her gowns.

“You have to wear what’s appropriate for the dress,” she added. “Sometimes you have to wear Spanx, and I do. I absolutely love them.”

She responded to the claims that showing off your cleavage is not sexy. Speaking about Vogue’s declaration that cleavage is “over” at the relaunch of Tezenis in Oxford Circus, the new America’s Next Top Model host believes that more women should “embrace their body” nowadays.

“Cleavage is beautiful. I never really was a trend follower, I’m more of a trend setter so I don’t listen to things like that. I think girls should embrace their body and their cleavages – I think you should be very proud of who you are, where you’re from, what color your skin is, what you represent.”

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She also admitted that she’s not afraid to pose completely nude, but it would have to depend on the right “timing.” Rita raised eyebrows earlier this year when she posed topless on the cover of Lui magazine.

“It’s all about timing and how I’m feeling and what I want to represent,” she admitted. “At that moment when I did the last one – I really wanted to represent freedom and being able to do that at 25 years old and saying why not. I want to get old and say ‘I had t*ts like that.’ It’s about what you represent, if you want to go nude you should be able to do it.”

rita ora loves showing off her body
Rita Ora loves to show off her body. [Image by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for iHeart]

The songstress was recently seen flashing a black lace bra under a sheer black top, reports The Sun. Ora paired her racy look with red lipstick and black leather pants when she stepped out at the London launch of her new line. Ora was seen out later that evening wearing a black silk robe, which exposed her black lace bra and featured a dangerously high slit. Upon arrival, Ora wrapped herself up in a dark red pinstripe coat with a fur collar.

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The “Poison” singer stars as Christian Grey’s sister in the Fifty Shades movie franchise. She isn’t concerned that her role isn’t as sexy as fans would assume. Rita admits that she gets to flaunt her sexy side in her music videos.

“I don’t wish I had a sexier role really as I’ve got my music videos for that,” she admitted. “It wouldn’t be a Rita show if she doesn’t f***ing take her top off or something.”

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