March 15, 2017
Animal Adventure Park Owner Talks April The Giraffe, Watch Live Cam And Videos

The owner of the Animal Adventure Park, Jordan Patch, conducted an interview where he answered questions regarding April the pregnant giraffe and Internet sensation. April is 15-years-old and lives at the park with her five-year-old mate Oliver, also known as "Ollie." Patch set up a live cam and began streaming April's pregnancy and quickly became inundated with millions of viewers, park fans and people who wanted to support his park and the animals. The interview was held online and is available to watch in the video player below. You can also watch the live giraffe cam and other important videos in the playlist.

Watch Animal Adventure Park Live Giraffe Cam
Though you can't hear the questions the interviewer is as asking Jordan, the answers are very informative and make the interview a worthy listen. April the giraffe is nearing the end of her pregnancy and the Animal Adventure Park will live stream the birth. During the interview, listeners were given a background look at why Patch started the live cam. He also pointed out that April's infamy has helped create awareness to giraffes plight worldwide.

Patch explained that the live giraffe cam is the first live stream conducted by the park. He also shared how the response was much more than he anticipated. He also addressed the questions of April the giraffe's due date and explained that they don't look at an exact due date, but instead a birthing window. Giraffes have a fertility cycle that runs approximately every two weeks. Because of their high fertility, it's often difficult to pinpoint a due date. Patch explained that they observed April and Oliver mating in October 2015, and based upon the 15 month gestation period, gave her a birthing window of February. As it is difficult to determine when April conceived, she is not overdue. Instead, she is right on time and exactly where she needs to be in her pregnancy. He stated it is not about guessing dates, but rather assessing April's physical condition. Recent Animal Adventure updates indicate that April's physical condition is changing and active labor can begin at any moment.

Something Patch commented on that should provide assurance to many who are watching the live giraffe cam, is the Animal Adventure Park is fully prepared and ready for April to give birth. They have vets on site 24/7 and the live feed is continually being monitored for any behavioral or physical changes that would signify that April is going into labor.
Speaking about April's labor, he stated it could be as short as two hours or as long as several days. He also explained that giraffes have silent labor. This means that wild giraffes do not carry on in a way that would alert predators to the fact they are laboring. This technique protects both mother and calf. This is also why Patch has stated the Animal Adventure Park will not declare April is in active labor until hooves are seen. He described the upcoming giraffe birth as similar to a swan dive and said once the hooves are seen, the baby calf will be on the ground within one hour. One hour following birth, the calf will be up and walking.

Are you watching the live giraffe cam? Are you excited to see April give birth online? This is April's fourth calf and according to Patch, each calf was healthy and April was a good mother. They don't foresee any difficulty with the birth process or with April's ability to bond with her calf. If, however, a problem was to arise, they have a vet staff on site that is trained and fully prepared to help April and the new baby.

To those anxious that April isn't delivering her baby fast enough, Patch has some advice and encouraged viewers to be patient.

"Sit tight. Relax and let Mother Nature take over. When we try to force deadlines and all these man-made constraints on them that lead to frustration, don't get frustrated. Don't turn this into something ugly. Be patient. Enjoy it. It's the miracle of life, sit back."
[Featured Image by Kestutis Zitinevicius/Shutterstock]